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Lucic Suspended For Game 3

Milan Lucic

The NHL has come down with its decision to suspend Bruin’s forward Milan Lucic for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The suspension stemming from Lucic’s actions at the end of Saturday night’s Game 2, at the time given a match penalty which turned into a 1-game suspension. This suspension is part of an ongoing attempt by the NHL to prevent teams from sending a message at the end of games. While it is a legimate claim, the NHL should not pick and choose when they are going to take action on a player’s post-game activities. For example Montreal’s Komisarek and/or Kostopoulos attempting to injure players when the game is over. has more on the story:

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lopsided fight, or uneven fight?

Milan Lucic and Josef Melichar dropped the gloves at the 19:48 mark of the second period last night and the fight was quick and dominated by Lucic. My question is, was this a lopsided fight, or an uneven fight? I guess you could say both too.

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