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roller coaster ride continues tuesday

This has been one of the longest and crazies playoffs series I have ever seen. It literally has it all, multiple suspension (Tortorella, Brashear, and maybe Morrisonn), multi-game suspensions (Brasher and again maybe Morrisonn), cheap shots (Brasher and Avery), great goals (Ovechkin), lack of security (Verizon Center), great goaltending (Lundqvist, Varlamov), poor goaltending (Lundqvist, Theodore), and lack of discipline (Avery, Bashear, Tortorella and Caps fans with great seats behind the Rangers bench).

If either one of the teams can deal with distractions it’s the Rangers. In the past year they have let Sean Avery go,only to sign him again. Let Brendan Shanahan go, only to see him sign with rival New Jersey. Fire their head and assistant coaches and hire one that throws water bottles at women. The list goes on and on…

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lopsided fight, or uneven fight?

Milan Lucic and Josef Melichar dropped the gloves at the 19:48 mark of the second period last night and the fight was quick and dominated by Lucic. My question is, was this a lopsided fight, or an uneven fight? I guess you could say both too.

My problem is with Milan Lucic and I believe this was an uneven fight. Continue reading ‘lopsided fight, or uneven fight?’


New York Rangers seem to be back on track

The New York Rangers played one of their best games of the season last night and it could not have happened at a better time. Going into the game the Rangers were just two points ahead of the Florida Panthers and in desperate need of a win and in desperate need to play more consistent hockey.  The Blueshirts came out strong in the first period, but did their best work in the second scoring three goals and getting the best of, Martin Brodeur. This win puts the Rangers in great shape in terms of a play-off berth, but they must keep playing great hockey to finish the regular season.

The Rangers will travel to Carolina Thursday to play the well rested  Hurricanes who have not played since Saturday.

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