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Truer Words Never Spoken

Adam Burish

So a quick two part post on this hot and muggy Wednesday afternoon. First, puckdaddy over at Yahoo! has repoprted that six teams will have alternative/additional looks this season. The coolest of which has to be the Chicago Blackhawks, who will be sporting their Winter Classic jerseys as the third jersey instead of the all black third jersey.

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Adam Burish Down To 7 Lives

I’m sure most of you have seen this, but those that have not, Adam Burish must have some feline traits in  him. Clearly he has used up 2 of his 9 lives, that we know about. His first, was the car accident he was in as a teenager, and now almost getting his neck sliced open by teammate Ben Eager. When you watch the video, Burish does not have much of a reaction when Eager’s skate cuts him. He knew the blade had made contact, but he checked for blood and kept going. Of course, this was eerily reminiscent to the Richard Zednik incident last year. And who could forget about Buffalo’s Malarchuck getting his throat severly cut. (Warning, this video is graphic) Luckily for Adam he was just grazed and will be OK to play in tonight’s Game 2.

Adam Burish

Immediately after the game’s Adam Kimelman caught up with Adam Burish to get his thoughts. Burish had some interesting things to say about the incident with Eager’s skate, and his presence in the lockerroom. Nothing says NHL playoffs like considering a punch in the face as something positive.


Sunday, 05.17.2009 / 7:50 PM / Conference Finals: Detroit vs. Chicago
By Adam Kimelman  – Staff Writer
DETROIT — Adam Burish knew immediately there was a problem.”I saw his skate come right up my throat, and right away I grabbed my neck and said there’s something coming out here,” Burish said. “There were a couple drips, so I was pretty darn lucky.”
It was the second period, and Burish and linemate
Ben Eager were forechecking in the Detroit zone when Eager and a Detroit player got tied up. Eager lost his balance and his skate flew up and clipped Burish in the throat.

It was a play reminiscent to the scary Richard Zednik incident last season, when Olli Jokinen’s skate blade sliced Zednik’s jugular vein.

But Burish was more fortunate; he skated away from Eager’s out-of-control skate knowing he was a lucky man.
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Battle of Political Sensitivity; Blackhawks vs. Canucks


Prior to the post, I want to thank these sites for helping me with the research:



The Chicago Blackhawks open their first Stanley Cup Playoff second round for the first time since 1996, the year the Avalanche won the Cup. Although the series will open in Vancouver, the Canucks a 3-seed and the ‘Hawks a 4-seed, I have no doubt in my mind the Blackhawks will open the series with a win. Here’s why: I was walking by the boardroom to find out there are left over chocolate chip cookies and brownies! How does this correlate to the Blackhawks winning tonight? It doesn’t, but it’s my post and when I just walked back over for a second helping, I realized someone had dropped off some more. The first though that came to mind was if Chicago is any bit as good as the brownie I just had, it’s going to be a 4-game sweep. Let me dig a little deeper though, Chicago is coming off a tough 6-game battle with Calgary. Vancouver dismantled St. Louis in 4 games. The difference? Chicago is already playing at the tempo Vancouver can produce, Vancouver will probably need to go through the gear box before getting up to Chicago’s speed and skill. Overall, I cannot wait until 9pm tonight and most likely a rematch of what we saw at the end of the season. You have Chicago’s potent, and awakening, offense going against Vancouver’s stiffling defense and goaltending. Not to mention the teams were only seperated by 4 p oints during the regular season. Vancouver getting the better seed for winning the Northwest Division.


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Amazing Adam Burish Story

Adam Burish at Wisconsin

I came across this story on The Third Man In and figured I would share it with you. It’s a pretty awesome story, reported by the Chicago Tribune, about Adam Burish surviving a pretty severe car accident and making it to the show. BTW, if anyone out there can introduce me to Adam, I’d appreciate it. Nothing better than an American born, blue collar workhorse playing in the show.

The Chicago Tribune and Melissa Isaacson have the entire story.

Adam Burish counts his blessings

He has the remnants of a shiner under his right eye, which is to the hockey player what mashed toes are to football linemen. No big deal. And even if it was painful, Adam Burish wouldn’t feel it.

He keeps a picture of the car to remind him. And he talks to his family about how, if not for the worst thing that ever happened to him, he wouldn’t be in the NHL. Surely, he would not be the player he is.

The car was totaled, the backseat –where he had been laying — gone. No backseat.

“I think about it all the time,” said the Blackhawks’ right wing. “When I’m driving, and I have to swerve around something like those grates on the side of the road that go ding, ding, ding to make you slow down, my heart kind of stops and then I start to think about it again, and how lucky I am.

“I should’ve been killed. I should be dead. No doubt about it. I don’t know how I didn’t die. We were driving a BMW 3-Series and the window, I couldn’t have crawled out of it if I tried, it was that small. How I got out of there, I have no idea.”

All Burish remembers is waking up in a cornfield, spitting up blood, unable to breathe,  his leg “going off to the side,” pain in his neck, blood everywhere.

He was 17, sleeping, unbelted in the backseat with his sister Nikki, 16, driving and his mother Helen dozing in the passenger’s seat. The three were traveling from Madison, Wis., to a hockey tournament in Minneapolis when, somewhere near Eau Claire, Nikki lost control and the car careened into a 10-foot ditch, rolling four times and throwing Burrish some 40 feet from the car.

“My mom had her seat reclined as far back as it would go, luckily,” said Burish. “Her side of the car was smashed like a straight line on top of her. If she hadn’t been reclining, she would have been gone. And my sister’s compartment was the only part of the car that was like a ball around her. It was unbelievable. They both kind of slithered out of the car and onto a stretcher [unharmed].”

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NHL playoffs need more of Lindsay Soto

Lindsay Soto (video below)

Lindsay Soto (video below)

I can’t really complain about the playoff so far. Bruins are up 3-0 on the Habs. The Rangers-Caps series has been fun to watch with Avery and his antics while Ovechkin and Semin are making it a real series. Detroit has taken it to the Blue Jackets. I expected a little more out of the BJs but it is their first playoff apperance ever, so I guess they will use this as a learning experience. Two good videos from the game last night: Comodore flipping himself into the Red Wing bench and RJ Umburger getting knocked silly by Brad Stuart. Speaking of learning experiences, The Blues got absolutely schooled by Vancouver. Even though I liked the blues and I think Oshie is going to be a stud, I am glad this series is over because it means I dont have to watch the Canucks on Versus for another week. They are extremely boring and the Sedine brothers make me physically uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as the McPoyle brothers in It’s Always Sunny InPhiladelphia.

too close for comfort

too close for comfort



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NHL Fighting part IV: Hey dinosaur, let the kids play!

If you have noticed, and judging by the amount of hits this week you haven’t, this is the final installment regarding fighting in the NHL. Fights happen to spark a team or fire up the crowd, but often times, fights happen in order to police the activity on the ice and air grievances that build up throughout the season. As a hockey player, you know that you’re responsible for your actions on the ice. If a player is playing without regard to his opponent’s safety, there are typically consequences that follow. These are the type of fights that, in my opinion, you will not see leave the game, they are necessary and offer instant repercussions. Sometimes you will see the two players who have an issue with each other clear the air or a team’s enforcer may settle an issue, sometimes the hits are clean, but tempers run high. Regardless, if an enforcer needs to get involved stay tuned, you will typically see some fights quick to follow and involve quite a few of the personnel on the ice. There are some classic examples of some great line brawls here, here and one of the most famous here. Followed is Adam Burish’s perspective on these types of fights and will close out this series:

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NHL Fighting part III: get ‘er goin’

Video of referenced fight

As promised, here is part three of the four part series regarding fighting in NHL. The big news out of the GM conference today was eliminating “staged” fights. This is in reference to fights that happen right as the puck is dropped, players will square up and try to serve some lunch. These types of fights happen for a number of reasons, and are typically used to get teams going. If anything, these are the safest types of fights because players will have a discussion before about dropping the mitts. In these fights, players will make sure the tilt is as fair as possible by taking off their buckets, there are also few good examples here, here, and, the best, here. Because of “the code” fighters will respect if an opponent is not up to the challenge; there may be an injury or an order from the bench not to fight that night, and for the most part this is respected by all. The “staged” fight is up 30% this year from last, but there is no reason for the increase, although fighting in total is down this year. As with the part one and two I will refer to Adam Burish, Chicago Blackhawk tough guy, to give his perspective on this type of fight. Continue reading ‘NHL Fighting part III: get ‘er goin’’

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