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A Nasty Slash and A Great Fight

A few items before I hit the sheets tonight.

First, the AHL’s Portland Pirates Joe DiPenta earned a 1-game suspension for this slash which ignited a fight between Jeff Cowan and Kip Brennan. Funny enough he was only assessed a 2-minute slashing minor for this swing in the last week’s Portland Pirates/Springfield Falcons game. I know of few of the Maine guys and let me tell you, DiPenta must be from New England, because he swings like a guy from Lewiston, I’m surprised he didn’t have mace on him to protect himself after this incident.

Also, last week George Parros was nice enough to give rookie John Scott an attempt to drop the buckets in the show. Parros got rocked, yes, but it was pretty cool of him to give Scott a chance at a fight. If watch these guys pair up at the face off it was clear this fight was staged and Parros gave Scott the go. Good time to fight for Scott as Minnesota was down 3-0 at this point. This fight sparked the Wild bench and Minnesota came back to win 4-3 in OT.

Scott Hartnell’s hair is way out of control, I love it:

Scott Hartnell

Finally, the helpless Canadiens can’t win a game even with 7 guys on the ice!

With Carey Price on the bench and Montreal head coach sending out an extra attacker to try and notch the equalizer, defenseman Hal Gill’s penalty ended during the final minute and he remained on the ice, not realizing he was the seventh skater for the Canadiens

7-man advantage

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Chris Kunitz Bundles Kimmo Timonen

Finally the Philly/Pitt series is staring to heat up. To tell you the truth I’ve expected a lot more from both teams. The Pens have jumped out to a 2-0 series lead, but now as the series has moved to Philly, the Flyers look to close out game 3 with a win. Half way through the third the Flyers have a 5-2 lead, and don’t look to be giving up their lead.

Anyway, a few things about this series:

  • This Kunitz hit on Timonen is the biggest hit of the playoffs so far. It happens in the first 8 seconds of the clip, and then is replayed, but if you’re not looking for it, you’re not going to see it. I like how Crosby crys and looks for a call at the end of the clip, all the while Kunitz is getting his lunch fed to him by Hartnell. (Although Kunitz stood his ground)
  • It has taken 3 games for these teams to warm up to each other and start showing some fire. Philly needs to get into a more physical game if they plan on turning this series around. The Flyers do not have the skill the Pens have, therefore they need to play physical and slow the game down.
  • NBC wake up with your coverage. If there are scrums in front of the net or in the corner, don’t cut to commercial. Casual fans watch the game for the fights, much like casual Nascar fans watch for the crashes.

“Salad” Night in Philly



Forget the famous Philly Cheesesteak we want a salad!!!!  Now isn’t this just classic hockey player fun…………to have a whole night dedicated to yourself for having the “best salad” on your team and most likely the league, now that deserves a pat on the back.  Last night the Flyers faced off against the Panthers in a “Scotty Hartnell Wig Giveaway Night,” now the bad part about this night is that you had to be under 14 in order to get one.  Let’s be honest, no 14 year old is going to utilize this wig effectively.  This wig is meant to be used when you’re near blackout at a party with all of your buddies and trying to get a laugh out of the ladies so you can rope one in late night.  Perhaps, if you’re like some of us here at the Loge, you’ll even find some shampoo late night with your lady friend to wash that wig with!!

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If the playoffs started today

So I ripped this directly from, but here is what the Eastern Conference would look like IF the playoffs started today:

1  vs. 8   Canadiens  @   Bruins
 2 vs. 7  Rangers  @   Devils  
 3 vs. 6  Penguins  @   Capitals
4 vs. 5  Hurricanes  @   Flyers
When I came across these seedings I was stoked. I typically get up for the playoffs regardless of what the matchups are, but these would be ideal.

Links for the day from around the NHL

(Pic from Empty Netters)

-Anyone have any suggestions for Matt Kalman to pass along to the Bruins to replace last year’s playoff hunt team-appointed ‘player of the game Bruins Hard Hat’?

-Great story on an alternate pronunciation of Scott Hartnell’s name – pictured above (Empty Netters)

-Bruins became the first team in the Eastern Conference to clinch a playoff spot with their big win over NJ on Sunday

-San Jose took back the lead for the Presidents Trophy with a win over Avs on Sunday. JR gives Alexei Semenov a pie in the face for his efforts as #1 star (via HLOG):

-Malkin’s head shot (below) on Wayne Simmonds drew a fine but no suspension from the NHL. Losts of conspiracy theories on why no suspension was handed down

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