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Habs Book T-Times; B’s Book Flight To Second Round

Kovalev Golfing

A quick note, I meant to post this last night, but my computer called it quits at the end of the Hawk game. Something tells me it may have called it quits for good.

It goes without saying the Bruins swept the Canadiens tonight in an absolute route. I’m pretty beat right now from staying up to watch the Blackhawks make the comeback of a lifetime only to lose it on a bogus non-call. Stanley Cup of Chowder has a great breakdown of the Bruins/Canadiens game. I did want to mention one thing, Price’s jesture towards the fans was, well, priceless. Way to go Montreal, way to stick it to the player the franchise is building around. Your antics never surprise me. has some great coverage on it. Basically Higgins and Laraque think you’re a joke.

Chris Higgins, another forward, agreed.

“We had 100 percent faith in him,” Higgins said. “The goalie is always going to face a lot of heat when the team does bad. In this city, you face a lot more than in others. It’s a tough situation for him to be in, especially when we’re losing and people start getting on him. It’s really hard on him. He plays with his heart.”
Laraque was even more blunt, expressing anger not only at the mocking of Price, but also the chants of “Carbo” — references to
Guy Carbonneau, who was fired by Gainey as coach last month — that began to make the rounds of the Bell Centre in the last five minutes of the game.

“To blame Carey like that, singularly, is very frustrating,” Laraque said. “We have the best fans in the world because it’s sold out every game; but best fans means they are proud of the team, whether you win or you lose.
“The best fans don’t embarrass our coach, they don’t embarrass our team, they don’t embarrass the players, they don’t embarrass the goalie. When you’re a proud
Montreal Canadiens fan, you bleed the Canadiens; you don’t do stuff like that.”

The press conference is here.

A few quick game notes before I hit the sheets :


Lucic Suspended For Game 3

Milan Lucic

The NHL has come down with its decision to suspend Bruin’s forward Milan Lucic for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The suspension stemming from Lucic’s actions at the end of Saturday night’s Game 2, at the time given a match penalty which turned into a 1-game suspension. This suspension is part of an ongoing attempt by the NHL to prevent teams from sending a message at the end of games. While it is a legimate claim, the NHL should not pick and choose when they are going to take action on a player’s post-game activities. For example Montreal’s Komisarek and/or Kostopoulos attempting to injure players when the game is over. has more on the story:

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Friday morning hangover links – 04.10-UPDATED

2 mins for eye gouging

2 mins for eye gouging (credit:Jim Davis-Boston Globe)

Fortunately I didn’t have too much to drink at the B’s game last night because of some morning obligations (i.e. work…). However I am still hungover from that game last night! It was like a roller coaster of emotions.  Goals, fights and FrenchCanadian fro-hawks  EVRYWHERE.

Dont think I have to capacity to do a recap so this post will mimic where my head is at right now. Bruins highlights scrambbled with a bunch of NHL/hockey related links, enjoy:

First…The Game WINNER on a sick play by Bergeron:


Chara feeding it to Komisarek

(Still looking for the video of Lucic horse collaring Komisarek and some other scrums from last night)

Lucic’s take down of Komisarek

Links to B’s vs. Habs recaps of last night’s game:

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Party Like A Rock Star…or a Montreal Canadien – UPDATE! UPDATE! NEW PHOTOS COMING MARCH 27!


That can’t help late in the third period, after 40 shots on goal


I have had these gems sitting in my Inbox for quite some time now just waiting for the opportune moment; and it appears that moment is now.  There has been a lot of talk around the NHL about the Montreal Canadiens stumbling down the stretch, and more importantly the play of Carey Price.  Continue reading ‘Party Like A Rock Star…or a Montreal Canadien – UPDATE! UPDATE! NEW PHOTOS COMING MARCH 27!’

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