aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we’re back….

Alright, I know… it has been awhile. A long while. I apologize, but there has been a lot going on outside the Loge. So, here is my promise to you Logers, I will have at least one post a day, every day, during the week. It might not be specifically Bruins related, but we’ll have some NHL stuff up here for you. So, needless to say we’ve missed a lot over the last month, so lets start fresh.

First things first, I’ve been receiving emails about some cool stuff going on in the show.

1. The Vancouver Canucks new locker room. Pretty sweet set up if you ask me:

Part 1

Part 2

Second order of business: Georges Laraque. What’s up with this guy? At one point he’s doing awesome commercials and next thing you know he’s gooning it up. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, right now the NHL is looking into a hit that Laraque laid on Nikla Kronwall, knocking Kronwall out for about a month with a sprained MCL.

Laraque was issued a tripping minor on the play, and of course he contends that the contact was “incidental”. Yea, the contact was about as incidental as some meat head’s incidental contact on some smokeshow at the Bell in Hand this weekend. The difference? None, both guys couldn’t handle the rush, so they did the next best thing, get any piece you can and hope for a non-call.  Come on Georges, you stuck your leg out because you know Kronwall had the edge, that’s it. To make matters worse, you clearly should have been given a 4-minute high-sticking call 20 seconds earlier.

You be the judge, did Laraque stick his leg out? Or was the contact incidental?

Check out this nice goal but terrible celebration:

Finally, for the comments section. If you head over to the Loge, leave a comment so we know you’re here. I know there are a lot of opinions out there. On that note, if you’re going to say something, back it up. One sentence comments with no substance are worthless. If you think the site or content sucks, give me a reason why….

See you guys tomorrow.

One last thing, welcome back Ben Eager:

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