rangers finish weekend 1-1-0

The New York Rangers finished the weekend with one win over the Buffalo Sabres and one loss to the Detroit Red Wings. The Ranger’s Brain Boyle scored the only goal in the first period and the only goal of the game for the Blueshirts. From there, it was all Detroit as they scored three unanswered goals (Datsyuk, Cleary, Draper).

James Howard was solid in net for the Red Wings, he allowed just one goal on 29 shots. Henrik Lundqvist played solid as well allowing two goals on 30 shots.

The biggest issue for the Rangers continues to be their lack of offense. I mentioned last week that the Rangers had to have more of a well balanced attack to be successful. They have had three different scores over the last two games, however Marian Gaborik was held to just one assist.

The Rangers have only two games next week and they are spread out nicely. They will travel to Chicago on Wednesday (another original six match-up) and then back home Saturday to face the Sabres.

I would not be surprised if the Rangers make some more moves this week, either by changing lines again or by making a trade or two. They have to turn their season around quickly…

1 Response to “rangers finish weekend 1-1-0”

  1. December 7, 2009 at 4:02 PM

    Can the kid or commissioner dangle please come back and write some bruins posts?? This is after all a bruins blog right? Loge19 is in the tdbank garden not madison square last time I checked. These rangers recaps are pathetic and a waste of time. If people wanted to read game recaps they would just go to espn or si, or any other publication where professional journalists, who attend the games, write recaps for a living. Clark no one cares about you and your family’s season ticket history, and the way you think people should behave at games…(why don’t you take the oil painting of yourself down from above your fire place). I thought this blog is supposed to be a bruins related blog from a bruins season ticket holder’s perspective and a place for b’s fans to interact. Not a daily game recap of rangers games. There have been a total of 3 bruins related posts on this site since opening night. PATHETIC! If you are trying to drive away your 5 remaining readers you’re doing a phenomenal job. Keep up the good work, I cant wait to tune in later to see another ridiculously cheesy headline followed by a nice article summarizing the box score of the last rangers game. ‘lightning strikes 5 times’…..really dude???

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