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Top Goals of the 2008-2009 Season

Happy Friday, lets cap off the week with the top 10 goals of the ’08-’09 season. While I think some goals are more deserving than others, goal #5 has to be my favorite, especially considering what Hagman had to endure that shift.


Game 7: Win or Go Home

Can you see the Loge??

Can you spot the Loge 19 crew?

Here we are, Game 7 tonight of the Eastern Conference semi-finals at The Boston Garden. This is why the Bruins fought all year to keep their top spot in the East. To be rewarded with home ice for a decisive game 7 that will decide who moves on to face the Penguins and who has to admit the old cliche “we just didn’t get it done”.

The easy favorite tonight is the Boston Bruins. They have won two games in a row; a strong 4-0 home win against Carolina in game 5 and a resilient 4-2 road win over Carolina and their tailgate-happy fans. The Bruins have home ice and 17,000+ screaming fans behind them while Carolina will be settling for a few red shirts and some pathetic Whalers fans that still think that their rivalry with the Bruins lingers.

I know I made the comparison to the 2004 Yankees-Red Sox, when Kevin Millar made the famous “don’t let us win this game’ speech in my game 6 preview . However this is NOT the same situation,  series, game 7 or team that the Red Sox were waltzing into game 7 at Yankee Stadium against (h/t to Cameron Frye for the intial reference).

First, the Hurricanes are not crippled by three losses in a row. Yes, they have lost two in a row but that is nothing for a team that twice climbed back from behind in their first round series against the NJ Devils,  the #2 team in the East, and ultimately pulled off an amazing regulation win in game 7 when trailing 2-3 with less than 2 minutes left. Second, the last 6 games are already out of the Hurricanes heads. These guys have shorter memories than a gold fish. They know this is do-or-die and nothing in the past is relevant anymore. Sure there is momentum, but momentum can last about as long as it takes Staal to come down the right side and snipe low-toe on Thomas. Third, this team is full of playoff vets. They have been here before. As I notes in the series preview, they have 10 players that have won a Stanley Cup! That is huge in games like these. When they last won the Cup in 2006 they played two game sevens on their road to the Cup; against the Sabres in the Eastern Conference finals and against the Oilers in the Stanley Cup finals. That is some great experience to draw on. Fourth, they have Cam Ward. The Saskatoon native is a great playoff goalie and a former Conn Smythe trophy winner. All it takes is one strong game from your goalie in a game like this.

With all that said, I will stick with my game 6 preview and say that this series is over. The Bruins will win this game 4-1 as long as Claude gets on his internet box, types in and reads these 4 keys to winning game 7:

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The $1 Million Question………..Ovie or Crosby??



After watching tonight’s amazing show down of two of the game’s hottest all-stars, I have to see where Loge fans stand on the age old question of who the better hockey player is??  Crosby or Ovechkin!!  Each player has their own unique style which differs greatly from the other in my opinion.  I am not biased to either one of these two young stars because I think they bring tremendous passion and excitement to the game of hockey and each player is pretty much the best thing that has happened to their respective organizations in a really long time.  I will say this though………if you are looking for an all around hockey player that plays both ends of the ice well, then I’d say Crosby is the better of the two.  But, on the other hand, Ovie’s unparalleled “wear your heart on your sleeve” passion and uncanny ability to score clutch game changing goals, along with the capability to rise his team’s emotions and ability single handedly; makes him a priceless competitor that is unmatched, offensively, by anybody in the league.  So, Loge fans, who do you choose?

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Coach’s Corner


Hello all, it’s the bench boss Coach, and after reading some comments and posts, I figured I had to put down the large amount of work I have due this friday, and write a little blurb about the Rangers vs. Capitals game 7 tonight.  Apparently I have been getting quite some heat from both reader and bloggers alike, and I’m not very happy about it.  I apologize for the absence, but I can assure you that it is not because my team is has blown a 3-1 series lead.  I was too busy winning my own championship, at the Gambler’s Cup in Atlantic City, NJ…pushing my men’s league hockey career to 5 tournaments with 5 championships!  If you all still want to talk smack thats fine, but I won’t listen until you can find a better dynasty than that.  But enough about me, and more about my Blueshirts.

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If the playoffs started today

So I ripped this directly from, but here is what the Eastern Conference would look like IF the playoffs started today:

1  vs. 8   Canadiens  @   Bruins
 2 vs. 7  Rangers  @   Devils  
 3 vs. 6  Penguins  @   Capitals
4 vs. 5  Hurricanes  @   Flyers
When I came across these seedings I was stoked. I typically get up for the playoffs regardless of what the matchups are, but these would be ideal.

My thoughts exactly….


(just kidding about the picture. I like Canada (kind of), but I think it is very applicable)

Well this could easily be an extension/update X4 of Ovechkin Gives Cherry The Finger but I think that it deserves its own post because:

  1. Bob Miller, LA Kings play-by-play announcer, tells it exactly how it is.
  2. The Bruins are included in the clip.

Here he Bob Miller on Ovechkin’s celebration:

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Ovechkin Caught Checking Out The Talent In Montreal

I know we’ve had a lot of Ovechkin coverage here in the Loge, but I thought this video was pretty awesome. Although these girls certainly should not represent the level of talent Montreal offers, I feel the same way walking down St. Catherine St. And good for Ovechkin to admit to digging the ladies. The best part may be Lecalvier in the background with the smirk on his face knowing these chicks wouldn’t even make his JV team.

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