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Laraque handed 5 games/Pascal Leclaire out for atleast a month

So as it turns out Laraque will have to serve a 5-game suspension for his leg whip on Wings forward Niklas Kronwall. Aditionally, Laraque will lose $38,000 in salary, he will return December 4 vs. Boston. Yesterday we posted the video and asked what you thought, apparently the same as the NHL.

TORONTO (AP) -The NHL suspended Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque five games for a hit on Detroit defenseman Niklas Kronwall.

Laraque received the suspension for an incident on Nov. 21. against the Red Wings when he collided with Kronwall resulting in a leg-on-leg, open-ice hit.

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2 More Reasons To Love The Show

So I was cruising youtube today and found 2 more reasons to love the show, and any excuse to put up a good scrap on the Loge is reason enough for me.

First, Troy Brouwer taking on Jarome Iginla last week in the Hawks/Flames rematch. What’s so great about this fight? Chicago was down 5-0 and came roaring back to win in OT. Iginla had enough, and as great captains do he stood up for his team and fought Brouwer at center ice. Well played by both guys…dropped the buckets and went at it.

The second fight, Radek Smolenak from Chicago taking on Brad May of Detroit. A great scrap early in the first to get this rivalry heated up early in the season. A nod to both players in this one, May for fighting Smolenak who is trying to make a name for himself, and Smolenak realizing it’s time fire up the troops and hopefully find a permanent home away from Rockford, IL. I love the dialog they show at the end of this clip…


Kessel To Toronto, Classic Jerseys Revealed, Phaneuf lays out Okposo

Phil Kessel

Alright, I know, the Loge has been slacking for the past summer. But for good reason, we’ve all been super busy with our respective jobs. But, I, thekiiiiid, promises that we will be back in full swing along with the regular season. It’s been a busy few weeks for all of us. So, lets get to it. Kessel goes to the Leafs for 2 first round draft picks. Yea Burke? Dude, in all honesty take him. I was blown back by this acquisition for about 2 minutes, then I thought, whatevs….Kessel didn’t buy into Julien’s system, nor will he buy into Burkes. I know, he’ll score atleast 6 goals against the B’s this year….but if I learned one thing during the first round playoff series against the Canadiens last year, f*** ’em. Tonight people were telling me, “Yo, he got a long-term contract for a lot of money.” Wow, cool, I hope his loonies and toonies keep him warm at night while the Cup is passed around the Garden or UC. Money only makes sense in the NFL or NBA, championships mean more in the NHL. What does Brian Burke, Toronto GM have to say? Well if you can decipher what he has to articulate between bourbon shots, listen here.  So, what does this mean for the B’s? Nothing, Sturm is back, we picked up Begin, Krejci is will be ready in November and hopefully at that point Rask is ready to rock if Thomas is tired. For Toronto? Who cares? Komisarek will yuckie his pants like he did with the mediocre Habs, and their goalie situation is still questionable. This has little impact on the Northeast division except that Kessel has more buying power when he plays Boston or Buffalo. I’m over it. with the story:

It was a difficult deal to get done, butToronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke stuck with it, and on Friday night he got his man.

Burke continued his revamping of a franchise that hasn’t made the Stanley Cup Playoffs since the 2003-04 season, acquiring 21-year-old center Phil Kessel from theBoston Bruins in exchange for a pair of first-round draft picks and a second-rounder.

The trade was contingent on Kessel signing a contract with his new team, which he did by agreeing to a deal TSN was reporting is worth $27 million over five years.

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Links From Around The League

Alright, another busy day in the office so I’m going to post some links from around the league. It’s easy, and lets be honest, other people probably have a lot more interesting stuff. Getting right to it, I really  hope you were able to watch the Chicago Blackhawks eliminate the Calgary Flames last night. Unreal game and an even better outcome. Also, as evidenced by the video above, the Sharks made a first round exit thanks to the play of Anaheim. Also another great game with some huge fights. So, without further delay:

  • There are more videos of the guy breaking down after the San Jose loss here, here, and here. The original link came to me from Commissionerdangle, who has also informed me not to laugh because that’s the condition he will be in if the Bruins are knocked out. Anyway, I know these videos are kind of long, but absolute gems, here is fan dedication:

A Few Hits From Around The League


Henrik LundqvistIt appears Coach and Clarkdub have gone dormant the past few days, weird. I wonder why. Anyway, busy day in the office, therefore it’s going to be a slow day in the Loge. A few things from around the league:


Bruins Down Canadiens, Control Series 3-0; Challenge To American Fans

Thanks to for the image

Thanks to for the image

Let me see if I can get this straight, Canadiens’ fans. You are getting mauled by the Bruins in this series, so in order to show support for your team you boo the American National Anthem? (You can hear it at the end of this clip) Furthermore, you chant, “Go Habs Go” as the American National Anthem is being sung? Really? (Thanks to for the link) You’re that classless and lost you resort to that? In my opinion that is absolutely pathetic. Not to mention this is not the first time this incident has taken place, you even had a public service announcement to curb it! Talk trash about the Bruins or any opposing team all you want, but to disrespect the Anthem is plain ridiculous. As I said before, I was never into the Bruins/Habs rivalry because I’m from Chicago, but actions like that are why you’re hated. I was looking forward to a long series with good hockey, but forget that. I cannot wait until it’s over so your 100th anniversary season ends and I can actually see some good hockey with fans that are passionate about their team. The sad part is that it’s not all of Canada that is like this, it seems as though this activity is isolated in Montreal. Why don’t you take a page from Calgary’s book in how to show support for your team? For those of you who don’t know, the “C of Red” is the Flame’s fans attempt to get behind their team, and it’s intense. Every fan is encouraged to wear a Flames jersey to the games, and after watching the Hawks/Flames game on Versus tonight, it looks awesome (especially picture 2). As a Blackhawk fan, I know the UC can get insane, but it was cool to see how the Calgary fans do it.

 Tonight was just what I needed after a rough day. The B’s played the Habs at 7 and then the Hawks/Flames game was on at 10. If you’re looking for a series to follow in this quarterfinal round, I can tell you right now the best round may be the Calgary Flames/Chicago Blackhawks series. When you have Todd Bertuzzi telling Mike Keenan to calm down, you know you’re in the middle of an intense series. Game 3 offered a lot for fans at every level of the game. As you may or may not know, the B’s put the Canadiens down 3-0 in the series after a 4-2 win tonight. Although the Bruins were outplayed at points during the game, they stay disciplined and weathered the storms. Any Boston fan would be happy with the composure the Bruins played with tonight. Short 3 key players, Hunwick, Lucic, and Ference, the Bruins were able to put the Canadiens in a hole (<— Stanley Cup of Chowder has a good breakdown) that seems impossible to get out of.

Alright, so this is what I wanted to get to since the begining of the Bruin’s game. Here is my challenge to all American fans when a Canadian team is in your building. While this can hopefully pour into next season, right now I am challenging Chicago fans (unfortunately there will be a game 5), St.Louis fans, and Boston fans (if there is a game 5 on Saturday), and every other American city that will host a Canadian team. When the Canadian National Anthem is sung, cheer as loud as you can, sing along, and make as much noise as possible in the most respectful way possible. Does this sound soft and I don’t like competition? Nope, I love hockey and the NHL because of how much passion the fans have, and how classy the players are. Therefore, lets continue to keep the NHL the benchmark of conduct for all professional sports.

In closing, I hope to see Montreal back in Boston on Saturday so we can give the Canadien’s fans a clinic on sportsmanship.

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