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Hunwick Signs, Kessel in Limbo…

matt hunwick

Matt Hunwick avoided arbitration on Monday, signing a two year contract with the Bruins that will pay the second year player $2.9 million over the next two years. From Fluto:

Matt Hunwick has signed a two-year extension with the Bruins, thus avoiding arbitration….Hunwick’s deal is worth $2.9 million, giving him a $1.45 million annual cap hit. Hunwick will earn $1.35 million in 2009-10, and $1.55 million in 2010-11.

Hunwick was a restricted free agent. In 2008-09, Hunwick scored six goals and 21 assists in 53 games. He made one playoff appearance against Montreal before suffering a ruptured spleen.

Now that Hunwick has signed, Phil Kessel remains the only unsigned free agent. With Hunwick signed the Bruins only have $2,862,500 left of cap room. With Kessel looking for close to $5 mill per season, the bruins will have to either trade a current roster player, trade Kessel or let Kessel hold out for the season.

There has been a good amount of speculation as to whether Kessel is worth the price he is asking for. Puck Daddy put together a pretty concise summary of the arguments:

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Not an excuse but…

Boston Globe beat-writers are reporting that a number of Bruins were pretty banged up for much of their Stanley Cup Playoff run. Boston Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has reported that Phil Kessel and David Krejci will both undergo surgery this offseason. Kessel will have shoulder surgery on Thursday to repair a torn rotator cuff and labrum and Krejci will have hip surgery sometime next month. Both are expected to miss the start training camp this summer. There are also a number of other injuries that are now being reported by the team.

“There’s a variety of injuries we had throughout the course of the playoffs,” said Chiarelli this afternoon. “Every team has injuries. But we seemed to have a few more than other teams. I have to hand it to the players for playing through those injuries.”

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The Bruins Need This One

So I’m having a pretty terrible start to my day/week. To begin, it took me forever to get into work today considering the subway was packed with Red Sox fans going to the game, and spectators for the marathon going to watch people exercise for 6 hours. I live 4 stops away from my office and it literally took me 35 minutes to get to work. I probably should have walked, but that’s my problem. Then, I get to work and crank away for about an hour, head to a meeting, come back to realize I have coffee all over the front of my shirt. That must have happened sometime on the way in, so it’s nice to know I’ve been walking around the city and office with Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Coffee down the front of me. To add on to this day, I pretty much cannot leave the office because the marathon ends a block away from my building, so at about 1 o’clock there will be a sea of people, 20 deep, in front of the entrance. As for my walk home I know I can expect to see about 1,000 people walking around like zombies with shiny silver blankets wrapped around them.


But enough about me, because I’m not having the best day I’m going to throw this out there. Tonight is a MUST WIN for the Bruins. You’re probably thinking I’m nuts for throwing that out there, but it is. If the Canadiens lose the series, it’s a drop in the bucket for the tumultuous season they have had. Plus as an eight seed, they are expected to lose, even though Anaheim is doing OK for themselves right now. But, if the B’s don’t put the Habs down 3-0 tonight, they open the door for an upset.

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Lucic Suspended For Game 3

Milan Lucic

The NHL has come down with its decision to suspend Bruin’s forward Milan Lucic for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals. The suspension stemming from Lucic’s actions at the end of Saturday night’s Game 2, at the time given a match penalty which turned into a 1-game suspension. This suspension is part of an ongoing attempt by the NHL to prevent teams from sending a message at the end of games. While it is a legimate claim, the NHL should not pick and choose when they are going to take action on a player’s post-game activities. For example Montreal’s Komisarek and/or Kostopoulos attempting to injure players when the game is over. has more on the story:

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Bruins Take Game 2

Bruins Take Game 2

Hip-Hop-Hooray-Ho-Hey-Ho-Hey the Bruins take  2-0 lead over Montreal after a 5-1 stomping tonight. The B’s, along with a packed Garden, silenced the Canadiens and their fans with a smoke-showing performance. Savard, with two meaningful goals put the game away for good in the second with a PP goal. The B’s take a 2 game advantage, along with Chicago, Pitt, Detroit, Vancouver,  and New York, in the Stanely Cup Playoffs.

In the end of tonight’s route, Lucic was handed a match penalty, which will be reviewed by the league to see if any further action should be taken. Both Montreal and Boston felt as though it was a moment in the game where tempers ran hot, and hopefully Lucic served his time. In my opinion, Lucic was provoked by 2 Montreal players and acted out of passion. If Lucic is suspended Komisarek should be as well for his goon play on Hunwick Thrusday night. Not to mention, the B’s have tolerated a lot of extra curricluar activity from the Habs. While I don’t think he should be served any more of a penalty, I would not be suprised to see him suspended for game 3. If Looch is suspended, it won’t be the first time the NHL has suspended a player this playoff round. But, in typical fashion, the Canadiens will whine and cry like they typically do and then end up golfing before the Stanley Cup is handed out.


Links from around the NHL – 3.26 – Ovechkin can dance and juggle a soccer ball at the same time


  • Once again Alexander Oveckin tells it how it is with his new apparel (above) and great quote (below). I can only imagine the amazing Russian techno that Ovechkin rocks out to before the game… (Via CBC Sports & EmptyNetter)

“If you win the lottery — a million dollars — you go to the bar and drink a lot,” Ovechkin said. “I scored 50 goals and I just celebrated.”

“I play myself, I enjoy my life, I have enjoyed my whole career. If somebody don’t like it, don’t watch my game, don’t watch what I’m doing on the ice.”

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Krejci and Kessel participate in morning skate

Update: According to the Boston Herald’s Bruins Blog Kessel and Krejci are in the lineup tonight. Yelle will miss his third consecutive game due to an upper body injury. Therefore, Bitz will center the fourth line, flanked by Thorton and P.J.

In other news reported on the B’s blog,

Milan Lucic, Matt Hunwick, and Byron Bitz have been named to Providence’s 22-man Clear Day roster. The three Bruins are eligible to participate in the AHL playoffs by being placed on the roster.


According to the Boston Herald’s Bruins Blog, Kessel and Krejci both participated in the optional skate this morning. Signifigant considering the blast Kessel took again the Blue Jackets, the same game Krejci took a shot in the foot. Claude Julien has not discussed the condition of these two, however you can assume it is nothing to serious. It is unclear if either Krejci or Kessel will skate tonight because Manny Fernandez, Matt Hunwick, and Shane Hnidy were the only other players participating. In my opinion, these may be the guys not seeing any ice tonight, so they are getting some conditioning in this morning. Lets see if that ends up being the case. Hnidy could be replaced by Montador, Hunwick could be playing almost anywhere or nowhere, and you can safely assume Fernandez will be keeping track of beer and hotdog sales from the end of the bench.

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