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lopsided fight, or uneven fight?

Milan Lucic and Josef Melichar dropped the gloves at the 19:48 mark of the second period last night and the fight was quick and dominated by Lucic. My question is, was this a lopsided fight, or an uneven fight? I guess you could say both too.

My problem is with Milan Lucic and I believe this was an uneven fight. Continue reading ‘lopsided fight, or uneven fight?’


NHL Fight of the Week-3/30

To start off my “… of the Week” series I’m going to designate Monday as “Fight of the Week”. Why Monday? Well it’s typically the day you want tickle someones ivories because you’re not quite ready for the weekend to be over yet. Initially I was going to go with the Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks line brawls, but commissionerdangle already used that in his NHL Links post. For one, I don’t want to double post, it’s bad form, and two, the commish beat me to it. I’d like to note though, there is nothing like a good line brawl to spark an old-school hockey nostalgic feeling.

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