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Idiot of the Day Award Goes To: KEITH BALLARD! Also, Ovechkin’s season may be over…

So village idiot and league tough guy Keith Ballard decided to take his frustrations out on  his own teammate, goaltender Tomas Vokoun. In reality Ballard was angry about Kovlalchuck’s goal and tried to break his stick over the cross bar. However, Ballard didn’t look before swinging for the fences and instead hit Vokoun, who was trying to find his jock strap. Vokoun was taken to the hospital for a deep gash to his ear, but will make a full recovery.

The video is pretty funny when you see Ballard do his best Sammy Sosa impression, but what happened after? Where did he go? You don’t really see him again…

Here’s a quick look at it:

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happy thanksgiving

The New York Rangers defeated the Florida Panthers last night with a 2-1 shootout victory. This is the Rangers first winning streak (2 games) since their seven game winning streak to start the season. Marian Gaborik continued his scoring touch with the lone goal for the Blueshirts. Former Rangers Dominic Moore scored a late goal for Florida to tie the game at one. P.A. Parenteau scored the only shootout goal, giving the Rangers the victory. This was Parenteau’s second shootout winner this season. His first came against the Ottawa Senators in the seventh round on November 14.

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I’m baaaaaack…and so is the Rangers scoring touch!

Along with the kiiid being back, I am too (the golf season is finally over, so I have a little more free time). It just so happens that the New York Rangers scoring touch is back as well. The Columbus Blue Jackets scored two quick goals tonight and the Rangers found themselves in a hole early. But, Marian Gaborik led the way as the Rangers erupted for seven straight goals. Gaborik scored two goals and added two assists. He now sits in a tie for first for goals in the NHL and is second in points with 32. Continue reading ‘I’m baaaaaack…and so is the Rangers scoring touch!’


Adam Burish Down To 7 Lives

I’m sure most of you have seen this, but those that have not, Adam Burish must have some feline traits in  him. Clearly he has used up 2 of his 9 lives, that we know about. His first, was the car accident he was in as a teenager, and now almost getting his neck sliced open by teammate Ben Eager. When you watch the video, Burish does not have much of a reaction when Eager’s skate cuts him. He knew the blade had made contact, but he checked for blood and kept going. Of course, this was eerily reminiscent to the Richard Zednik incident last year. And who could forget about Buffalo’s Malarchuck getting his throat severly cut. (Warning, this video is graphic) Luckily for Adam he was just grazed and will be OK to play in tonight’s Game 2.

Adam Burish

Immediately after the game’s Adam Kimelman caught up with Adam Burish to get his thoughts. Burish had some interesting things to say about the incident with Eager’s skate, and his presence in the lockerroom. Nothing says NHL playoffs like considering a punch in the face as something positive.


Sunday, 05.17.2009 / 7:50 PM / Conference Finals: Detroit vs. Chicago
By Adam Kimelman  – Staff Writer
DETROIT — Adam Burish knew immediately there was a problem.”I saw his skate come right up my throat, and right away I grabbed my neck and said there’s something coming out here,” Burish said. “There were a couple drips, so I was pretty darn lucky.”
It was the second period, and Burish and linemate
Ben Eager were forechecking in the Detroit zone when Eager and a Detroit player got tied up. Eager lost his balance and his skate flew up and clipped Burish in the throat.

It was a play reminiscent to the scary Richard Zednik incident last season, when Olli Jokinen’s skate blade sliced Zednik’s jugular vein.

But Burish was more fortunate; he skated away from Eager’s out-of-control skate knowing he was a lucky man.
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King Henrik!


The New York Rangers stole another game from the Washington Capitals last night, actually let me start over.

Henrik Lundqvist stole another game from the Washington Capitals last night. The win gave New York a 3-1 advantage in the quarterfinal series. King Henrik was marvelous, stopping 38 or 39 shots in the victory. The Rangers, who boasted the best penalty kill in the regular season, were flawless last night killing off all six Capital power players (including a power player in the last five minutes, thanks to another stupid penalty by Sean Avery). Most importantly the Rangers have held Alex Ovechkin to just one goal in the entire series (the same Ovechkin that scored 56 goals in the not so important regular season).

Now, I don’t want to look ahead, but the Rangers are certainly in good shape heading into Friday’s match-up in Washington. And King Henrik has been standing on top of his head, see photo above! If the Rangers could pull off the victory, they will face the Bruins who certainly look sharp as well. However the Bruins have swept a far less superior Montreal Canadiens. The Florida Panthers would have been a much better opponent. Continue reading ‘King Henrik!’


captain clutch comes through.

Chris Drury doesn’t score a lot of goals (20 this season) but he does score a lot of CLUTCH goals and that is exactly what the Rangers captain did tonight. The Rangers defeated the defenseless Montreal Canadiens 3-1 and Drury notched two very important goals for the Blueshirts. The win, coupled with a Panthers 2-1 loss means the Rangers have inched closer to a playoff berth. Continue reading ‘captain clutch comes through.’


Fight/Hit of the week 4/6

Lets start the week of with a great hit by Keith Ballard, followed by Crosby trying to even the score. Obviously Crosby went after Ballard because of the hit on Malkin, but it was a clean hit…what’s up with that Crosby?

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