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pics from the tryout

OK so here are some pics from the first session of the day. They went through some drills then a bag skate at the end. Mostly pics of Kesler, Rafalski, Booth, and Whitney might be in there somewhere. Our twitter page has some more pics. Interesting note, Chelios was skating out there with no equipment. Also whenever Taxi Kane would skate by the bleachers, people erupted in applause. I’m out of here now, there are about twice the amount of people filing in for the second session.

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Patrick Kane Arrested For Chris Browning Buffalo Cab Driver

Patrick Kane

I absolutely HATE stories like this. If you don’t already know, Chicago Blackhawks star forward, Patrick Kane, was arrested early Sunday morning for punching a cab driver in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Apparently there was a dispute over some additional money owed to Patrick, and his cousin, James. As the story goes the Kanes gave the cab driver $15 for a $13.80 fare. The cab driver could only come up with the $1.00 in change, but could not produce the additional $.20. This sent the Kanes into an outrage and sparked them to attack the cab driver. While it is still unclear who punched the cabbie, Patrick was certainly involved. You can take in all of the details here, but I have a much larger issue.

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Really? Bruins Scoring On Spring Break, Defense follows



 Tonight was the night the teams around the NHL showcased their recently aquired assets. Well, atleast the Winnipeg Jets were able to show off their new talent, proudly. I’m pretty sure the Bruin’s Ice Girls made some last minute deals as well. The talent looked a lot better tonight than other nights, I’ll confirm that on Saturday. Otherwise, don’t get me wrong, Recchi had some bright spots, and I think Montador is a solid defensman, but what is going on? As our faithful readers know, I’ve been pushing for the Bruins to pick up a true goal scorer like Nik Antropov. However, he went to the Rangers for a box of cloth tape and an airline voucher for Southwest Airlines. I think all the Bruin’s faithful were shaking their heads tonight in a loss to the 14th place Coyotes.

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Coolest NHL story this year

Chicago Blackhawsk

Probably the coolest story regarding the NHL this year. This was written by Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune. Hockey is the best professional sport around, its players are honest, humble, and truly love the game. I think this story can sum up all of hockey, no matter at what level. You will hear basketball and football players talk about “family”, typically this terminology is used after gun charges, drug allegations, domestic abuse, murder charges, etc, but hockey players are able to physically show the definition of “family”. Sorry for the dramatics, but it’s true.

Link To Tribune Story

It began with the rarest of elements in professional sports: silence. No press release. No major announcement. No photo opportunity. Just the quiet of people doing a nice thing, the right thing.
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