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aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, we’re back….

Alright, I know… it has been awhile. A long while. I apologize, but there has been a lot going on outside the Loge. So, here is my promise to you Logers, I will have at least one post a day, every day, during the week. It might not be specifically Bruins related, but we’ll have some NHL stuff up here for you. So, needless to say we’ve missed a lot over the last month, so lets start fresh.

First things first, I’ve been receiving emails about some cool stuff going on in the show.

1. The Vancouver Canucks new locker room. Pretty sweet set up if you ask me:

Part 1

Part 2

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Alex Burrows and His Lucky Stick?

Like most hockey players, Alex Burrows is very particular about his equipment and superstitions. Much like Mike Green not wanting to give up his record breaking stick to the Hall of Fame, Burrows likes to play with the same stick he started a scoring streak with. In this case, Darcy Hordichuck thought he may have some luck with Burrow’s stick, so he cut it down to his size.

The story goes on, but it seems as though Burrows has found a new use for his sticks, and it’s not for scoring goals. TSN.cais reporting that earlier this summer Alex Burrows, of the Vancouver Canucks, was involved in an altercation during a summer league game in Montreal. At some point during the game Burrows struck a 19 year old goaltender in the face, with his stick. The PHL, or Pond Hockey League, is a summer league utilized by college, amateur, and pro players looking to get some ice in the off-season. The goaltender who was struck has declined to comment, on advice from his lawyers. Currently there are no charges pending against burrows. TSN has the entire story:

Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows could be facing charges stemming from an on-ice incident in a Montreal summer hockey league game.

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Hawks and Pens Go Ahead

So, I’ve had some salvation from Boston going down 3-1 in the Carolina series. Tonight, Chicago has pushed Vancouver to the brink of elimination with a 3-2 win tonight. If anything can cure a Bruins loss, it’s a Blackhawk win. If you were able to watch the game, you were in for a treat. There was a lot of back and forth, some rough stuff, and some great goals. Either way, Chicago put Vancouver in a tough spot. 

On the other side of the bracket Pittsburgh put Washington on the notification of elimination list. Pitt, up 3-2, beat Washington in OT on the night where Ovi was able to score 2-goals. Gino was able to beat Varlimov in OT to bring the series back to Pittsburgh, giving the Pens a chance to seal it at home.

At this point you may or may not know, Boston will play Carolina in a must win tomorrow night in Boston. Personally, I’m hoping it’s not the last time I see the Bruins this season. I have faith that the B’s will pull it out, based on one reason alone: the Bruins have nothing to lose at this point. Really, there is no pressure. If Boston loses, they were down 3-1 and the season is over. If they win, they still have a hill to climb. Therefore, the Bruins will go to the Gahden tomorrow, and play hockey, like it’s meant to be played, and like they have played it all season long. Care free and for the love of playing with your buddies. Nothing tops being on top of the league, and everyone has written the Bruins off, so why not go out tomorrow night and play the game as if it’s your last. I do not want to be cliche, but I want the B’s to go out and play loose, as if it’s November and it does not matter. As far as the NHL is concerned, Carolina needs to make travel plans to DC or Pitt, how about they have to make travel plans for one more night in Carolina.

OK, enough until tomorrow. I doubt we’ll have a B’s pregame, but there is one point I want to make in the Chicago/Vancouver series that is really incredible. It shows how the role of hockey has such an importance on an athlete’s lives. I’ll make that point on Sunday afternoon or Monday, I’m tired now and want to present this to the viewers on Monday, where we have most of our hits.


Chicago Spots Vancouver a Game; Boston Begins Series Tonight

I had to hold off on summarizing the Blackhawks/Canucks game until this afternoon. I’m still really fired up about Chicago roaring back from a 3-goal deficit just to blow it in the last 1:14 of the game. To begin, Chicago cannot expect to win games after spotting another team 3 goals. They did it in Game 5 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals and lost, then they did it again last night. While it’s awesome to see they have the resolve to come back, there’s just too much of a hurdle to overcome, not to mention the energy needed after a grueling 6-game series. Don’t get me wrong, I’m psyched to see that the Hawks can put 3 past Luongo in one period, and for Kane to have 2 jingles (66% of his playoff scoring in one night) but it looked like Chicago’s first rodeo last night. ‘Boulin looked a little shakey and some of the goals that Chicago let up were soft, ie Toews coughing up the puck at the blueline. However, Bolland’s game-tying goal was pretty disgusting, I saw some remenants of thekiiiiiiiiiiid in that!

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Battle of Political Sensitivity; Blackhawks vs. Canucks


Prior to the post, I want to thank these sites for helping me with the research:



The Chicago Blackhawks open their first Stanley Cup Playoff second round for the first time since 1996, the year the Avalanche won the Cup. Although the series will open in Vancouver, the Canucks a 3-seed and the ‘Hawks a 4-seed, I have no doubt in my mind the Blackhawks will open the series with a win. Here’s why: I was walking by the boardroom to find out there are left over chocolate chip cookies and brownies! How does this correlate to the Blackhawks winning tonight? It doesn’t, but it’s my post and when I just walked back over for a second helping, I realized someone had dropped off some more. The first though that came to mind was if Chicago is any bit as good as the brownie I just had, it’s going to be a 4-game sweep. Let me dig a little deeper though, Chicago is coming off a tough 6-game battle with Calgary. Vancouver dismantled St. Louis in 4 games. The difference? Chicago is already playing at the tempo Vancouver can produce, Vancouver will probably need to go through the gear box before getting up to Chicago’s speed and skill. Overall, I cannot wait until 9pm tonight and most likely a rematch of what we saw at the end of the season. You have Chicago’s potent, and awakening, offense going against Vancouver’s stiffling defense and goaltending. Not to mention the teams were only seperated by 4 p oints during the regular season. Vancouver getting the better seed for winning the Northwest Division.


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Mics pick up a great conversation

Commissonerdangle sent this to me this morning but I just got around to checking it out. Watch it now before Youtube pulls the video. To give it some context, if you don’t already know, the Blues and Canucks have been in a pretty heated series. This video is from Game 1 of the series and the on-ice mic picked up a great trash-talking conversation. I don’t know all the players involved so please comment who is saying what. I would love to have a player like Adam Burish or Sean Avery mic’ed up for an entire game just to pick up what the players say to each other. Of course, you cannot mention the video above without watching this one as a compliment.

Thanks to for the link. They have more context to the story.

NOTE: The conversation is a little graphic, if you’re not a hockey player.

The text from deadspin:

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NHL Fight of the Week-3/30

To start off my “… of the Week” series I’m going to designate Monday as “Fight of the Week”. Why Monday? Well it’s typically the day you want tickle someones ivories because you’re not quite ready for the weekend to be over yet. Initially I was going to go with the Vancouver Canucks vs. Chicago Blackhawks line brawls, but commissionerdangle already used that in his NHL Links post. For one, I don’t want to double post, it’s bad form, and two, the commish beat me to it. I’d like to note though, there is nothing like a good line brawl to spark an old-school hockey nostalgic feeling.

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