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Jordan Caron Railroaded by Colten Teubert


Wow, that was a big hit, and for those of you wondering the name of the freight train is Colten Teubert, a 6′ 4” 200 pound defenseman property of the Los Angeles Kings. The victim, Boston Bruins first round pick Jordan Caron. Caron suffered a broken collar bone from this hit and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks, including the Bruins rookie camp in Kitchener Ontario. The one thing that kind of gets me is the way Teubert handles the interview after, as though it wasn’t that big of a deal and he’ll pat Caron on the back and apologize. I guess that’s what makes hockey so sweet, keep your head up and you won’t be taking inventory of your teeth.

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Havlat Dunked By Kronwall

I’m on the Vineyard right now, so I’m not going to do much Loging. However, I wanted to throw up this hit that Nicklas Kronwall put on Martin Havlat. Honestly, I thought Havlat was dead, and it’s kind of creepy to watch him lay on the ice. The NHL should have a good time sorting out this one. Was it legal? Did Kronwall deserve a 5-minute major? I don’t know, you decide. When he made contact, his feet were on the ice, on his follow through his feet left the ice. I will say it was a clean when it comes to the contact, Kronwall’s elbow was tucked in, and it was all shoulder. Either way, Chicago blew a 3-0 lead only to win in overtime.

Congrats to ChickenParm for winning the Guess the Scorer contest, with his pick of the pride of UVM, Sharp. Lets do this again for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Please put your pick of who will score the first goal, in the comments section, along with the period and time to settle a tie.


Brown Hits Hudler


Brown lays out Hudler. Suspension?



Both sides of the story compliments of

“I didn’t see him coming,” Hudler said. “It happened really quick. I didn’t have the puck for at least two seconds. It was kind of late, but there’s nothing I can do right now. Obviously, it’s a hit on the head. I don’t want to be out of line, but I hope (the League) will get a look at it and do the right thing.”

Not surprisingly, Brown doesn’t feel he deserves a suspension.

“It’s the playoffs, I want to play,” he said. “I want to help the team. I don’t know if it’s necessary to get that suspension. It was just a clean hit. I wasn’t meaning to do any harm or anything. I was just playing physical. He got cut from his visor.”

Hudler was able to return for the start of the second period after receiving several stitches, but Brown was gone for the rest of the night and the Wings got a five-minute power play — much to the dismay of Anaheim coach Randy Carlyle.

“I’m sure they’re going to say it was dirty, but this is a game that’s played and physical contact is allowed,” Carlyle said. “We timed the hit. From the time he passed the puck until Mike Brown made contact with him, there wasn’t a second that went off the clock. It was at 8:36, and the clock did not move by the time he made contact. He didn’t hit him with his elbow, he hit him with his shoulder. Hudler was admiring his pass.

“They can talk all they want about a dirty hit. That’s not a dirty hit in hockey. You’re allowed to take the body in this game.”


Chicago Spots Vancouver a Game; Boston Begins Series Tonight

I had to hold off on summarizing the Blackhawks/Canucks game until this afternoon. I’m still really fired up about Chicago roaring back from a 3-goal deficit just to blow it in the last 1:14 of the game. To begin, Chicago cannot expect to win games after spotting another team 3 goals. They did it in Game 5 of the Western Conference Quarterfinals and lost, then they did it again last night. While it’s awesome to see they have the resolve to come back, there’s just too much of a hurdle to overcome, not to mention the energy needed after a grueling 6-game series. Don’t get me wrong, I’m psyched to see that the Hawks can put 3 past Luongo in one period, and for Kane to have 2 jingles (66% of his playoff scoring in one night) but it looked like Chicago’s first rodeo last night. ‘Boulin looked a little shakey and some of the goals that Chicago let up were soft, ie Toews coughing up the puck at the blueline. However, Bolland’s game-tying goal was pretty disgusting, I saw some remenants of thekiiiiiiiiiiid in that!

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Chris Kunitz Bundles Kimmo Timonen

Finally the Philly/Pitt series is staring to heat up. To tell you the truth I’ve expected a lot more from both teams. The Pens have jumped out to a 2-0 series lead, but now as the series has moved to Philly, the Flyers look to close out game 3 with a win. Half way through the third the Flyers have a 5-2 lead, and don’t look to be giving up their lead.

Anyway, a few things about this series:

  • This Kunitz hit on Timonen is the biggest hit of the playoffs so far. It happens in the first 8 seconds of the clip, and then is replayed, but if you’re not looking for it, you’re not going to see it. I like how Crosby crys and looks for a call at the end of the clip, all the while Kunitz is getting his lunch fed to him by Hartnell. (Although Kunitz stood his ground)
  • It has taken 3 games for these teams to warm up to each other and start showing some fire. Philly needs to get into a more physical game if they plan on turning this series around. The Flyers do not have the skill the Pens have, therefore they need to play physical and slow the game down.
  • NBC wake up with your coverage. If there are scrums in front of the net or in the corner, don’t cut to commercial. Casual fans watch the game for the fights, much like casual Nascar fans watch for the crashes.

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