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Ahhhhhh…protective parents + sporting events = priceless video

I need to keep this short, but I couldn’t pass up posting this video.  Check out this Bantam/Midget level, in-house, bender-league video where a mother in the stands absolutely loses it because a player on the other team starts getting physical with her son.  There are more curse words in this 55 second video then there are in most rap songs, so if you are watching at work I suggest turning the volume down low, or plugging in headphones. I’m not exactly sure where this video is from, but my best guesses are North Jersey, Staten Island or Boston.  I’ll let you guys be the judges…


And the Winner is….


…A TIE! between Commish and LPSnipa6 with 27 pts.

If anyone has any suggestions for a tie breaker let me know. I think I already know what the tie breaker should be, but I guess it may have to be somewhat hockey related. Here are some ideas:

  • Balloting on the NHL Awards tonight
  • Coin Toss
  • Helmets and gloves with the lights off in the locker room

Here are the final standings in The Loge after the 2008-09 Stanley Cup was won by the Pittsburgh Penguins

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Coming out of Hibernation…sort of.

 Fleury save

So The Loge has been quiet as of late, but its just that time of year, so you’re going to have to deal with it.  The Penguins won the Stanley Cup, returning the favor to Detroit by celebrating their triumph at the Joe (Detroit beat Pitt in Game six at the igloo last year).  Malkin won the Conn Smyth, YEA, RAH RAH RAH (insert sarcasm), and I believe the weight of the Cup rested on the dirty french canadian (not dirty in a good way…dirty as in, well dirty), Marc-Andre Fleury’s shoulders; and he delivered.  With 1 second to go, Fleury made an unbelievable diving stop on Lidstrom which would have been a soldering-iron to the Penguins face (Not to mention he got a little help from his friend (crossbar) in the final minutes).  The talk of the Cup Finale however, was Mr. Sydney Crosby skipping out on a bit of the NHL-Traditional, series ending handshake.  One of our regulars here at Loge19 (ChickenParm), pointed it out after the game on the previous post’s comments section.  Personally, I can’t stand Crosby, and this is just another reason why.  I know it’s his first Stanley Cup, and its a dream come true to the young wizkid, but C’MON NOW!  This is one of the classiest traditions in sports, and SHOULD be the SECOND thing on EVERY players mind after celebrating with your teammates first.  You should know that the losing players do not want to stay on the ice and be a part of YOUR celebration.  It’s selfish, classless, and should be fineable by the good ‘ole Commissioner Bettman.  There is no place for that in the game, and I had the same reaction last year when Brodeur snubbed Avery during the ritual.   Those are suppossed to be the stars/faces of the league, and they go around pulling beer league stunts like that.  There should be no excuse for that, and you should read this ESPN article about it; has Draper’s reaction (he’s the man), more detail about what happened, as well as the Pittsburgh vice president Tom McMillan’s explanation…absolutely pathetic.  I hope Crosby drops the cup on his day with it, and camera are there to wacth it happen.

Moving on, there are a few things I wanted to post on here before they become old news.  Sean Avery is officially back in his element in the big city.  After partnering up to open his own bar, Warren 77, Avery was a field reporter at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival for FUSE TV (his pictures follow flava flavs on the last page of the album). Like he wasn’t partying as hard as the bare foot hippies dancing around throwing flowers everywhere…yeah right!  And if you want a little more Sean Avery in your life, here is a clip from Monday night’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, featuring Mr. Avery.  It’s good to have Sean Avery back in NY! 


– Coach

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