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Penguins Go Up 2-0/Blackhawks and Wings Game 2 Goal Scorer Guess

He Shoots, He Scores!!!

The Pittsburgh Penguins went up 2-0 on the Carolina Hurricanes tonight by winning in a 7-4 barnburner. Congrats to Loge 69 for winning the Guess the Scorer contest. He has won a Versus t-shirt and poster. Did anyone see Malkin’s third goal of the night? Ridiculous!!! As Ross, “The Answer”, put it, “it must have been hot in the Mellon arena tonight because Malkin was handing out snipesicles”. 

Either way, this Stanley Cup Playoffs have been exactly what the NHL asked for. 4 of the leagues top stars, Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, and Kane have all scored hat tricks at some point. Ovechkin and Crosby in the same game! 

So, for Game 3 of the Hawks/Wings game tomorrow, we’re going to do the same format. In the comments section give me the player you think will score the first goal of the game. As a tie breaker, also give the game time the goal will be scored. The winner will receive a Versus t-shirt and poster.


Pens/Canes Game 2 T-Shirt Guess The Scorer

Slow day in the Loge yesterday, and looks like it could be that way today. But, seeing Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals is tonight, I want to see if we can give away another t-shirt. Our winner from Monday night’s game was Zambooie for guessing the Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks was going to be the first scorer of the game. Congrats. As for the Staal points competition, neither Jordan nor Eric have any points, therefore LPSnipa is on top considering he guessed that they would tie. For tonight, lets use the same format as Monday night. In the comments section below guess which player will score tonight’s first goal. In order to break any ties, please also put at what point in the period the goal is scored. For example, Crosby at 2:14 of the first. Meaning that when the clock reads 17:46 Crosby scores. The person who guesses the closest to the actual time wins. Again, this is for everyone to participate, and please, no duplicate submissions. The winner will receive a Versus t-shirt and poster:

Versus PosterVersus Shirt

As for today, I have an interesting little piece I’ve been working on regarding the Blackhawks and their recent signing. I’ll publish that sometime this afternoon. Until then, you  have until the puck drops tonight to submit your guess.


Staal Brothers Point Competition/Blackhawks and Redwings Pick To Score

Versus ShirtVersus Poster
Above is what the poster and shirt look like. If you cannot tell, the poster is Boston’s Blake Wheeler scoring on Chicago’s Nikolai Khabibulin. I think this was taken during the Bruin’s shootout win during the regular season this year. Either way, above Bulin it says “Sudden Death”, above Wheeler it says “Sudden Life”, and then underneath it says “378000 Seconds. Don’t Miss A Single One”. The shirt is super soft, has goalie mask with wings on the front, the Versus logo, and “2009” behind the logo. 

So, for the Staal Brothers Point Competition, here is what we have for submissions:

Sugar Sean

Eric-4 Jordan-2

Cammi Granato

Eric-6 Jordan-3


Eric-4 Jordan-4


Eric-6 Jordan-3


Eric-6 Jordan-4


Eric-5 Jordan-3

Here is the competition for tomorrow, and I want a lot more submissions, other than the normies. You really have nothing to lose, and if anything you have a new shirt to workout or lounge in, so lets get some more action. Literally everyone and anyone can submit their vote.

For Game 2 of the Chicago Blackhawks/Detroit Redwings series, give me the player you think is going to score the first goal of the game. Also give me the minute and period you think the goal will be scored, I’ll use that as the tie-breaker. If people choose the same player, the person with the time closest to the goal, their pick will win. Please have your submission in before tomorrow night’s puck drop. Please put your submissions in the comment section. Again, duplicate submissions will be omitted along with the original. The winner will receive a shirt and poster.


Hockey Players Are The Toughest Athletes

Anyone who wants to debate that hockey players are the toughest athletes in professional sports can jump in here. Watch this clip of Jamie Wisniewski take a shot to the chest (first 10 seconds of the clip) and then take an elbow from Tomas Holstrom (closer look at the elbow here). Wisniewski continued to play after he took the shot, but the elbow proved to be to much after a little while. Wisniewski doubled over and eventually was taken away on a stretcher, but that’s legitimate. Last week we featured another video, thanks to The Real Orr, that featured how tough hockey players are. I’m guessing the sequel will feature Wisniewski, and this clip.

As for Wisniewski’s condition, he was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a contusion to his lung. It is not known when he will return, but I’ll assume we will see Wisniewski prior to the end of the 2009 season. Good Luck James. has the entire story.

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Anaheim Ducks defenseman James Wisniewski left the ice on a stretcher late in the second period of Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals against the Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday night.

Wisniewski was hit in the chest with a shot taken by Detroit center Pavel Datsyuk during an extended shift in the Anaheim zone. The 25-year-old defenseman, who was a key Deadline Day acquisition by the Ducks, was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange County.

Wisniewski was diagnosed with a lung contusion. A team spokesman said Wisniewski will remain at the hospital overnight as a precautionary measure and is doing well.

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Bruins Take Game 2

Bruins Take Game 2

Hip-Hop-Hooray-Ho-Hey-Ho-Hey the Bruins take  2-0 lead over Montreal after a 5-1 stomping tonight. The B’s, along with a packed Garden, silenced the Canadiens and their fans with a smoke-showing performance. Savard, with two meaningful goals put the game away for good in the second with a PP goal. The B’s take a 2 game advantage, along with Chicago, Pitt, Detroit, Vancouver,  and New York, in the Stanely Cup Playoffs.

In the end of tonight’s route, Lucic was handed a match penalty, which will be reviewed by the league to see if any further action should be taken. Both Montreal and Boston felt as though it was a moment in the game where tempers ran hot, and hopefully Lucic served his time. In my opinion, Lucic was provoked by 2 Montreal players and acted out of passion. If Lucic is suspended Komisarek should be as well for his goon play on Hunwick Thrusday night. Not to mention, the B’s have tolerated a lot of extra curricluar activity from the Habs. While I don’t think he should be served any more of a penalty, I would not be suprised to see him suspended for game 3. If Looch is suspended, it won’t be the first time the NHL has suspended a player this playoff round. But, in typical fashion, the Canadiens will whine and cry like they typically do and then end up golfing before the Stanley Cup is handed out.


Bruins/Habs Game 2 Live Chat

Each bear represents how many goals Savard will have tonight.

OK…The chat is now live until the end of the game —–>

I am off to the Gahden…see you there!

A couple of notes going into tonight Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

  • First, we will have a live Game 2 chat starting at 5:30 for the game. I would like to see a lot of people get involved, but please keep it clean and civil.
  • The Boston Bruins took game 1, 4-2 with a lot of extra curricular activities at the end. All of them unwarranted as the Habs tried to send a message for tonight.
  • Shane Hnidy will replace Matt Hunwick tonight; Hunwick out with a reported spleen injury.
  • Higgins decided to run his mouth after Thursday night’s loss.
  • A few last minute game notes. All Bruin’s lines will remain intact, minus Hunwick, who will be replaced by Hnidy.
  • Here is the inside scoop of what happened when Kovalev had his stick swiped by a Boston fan.
  • Quote of the night in a conversation at Sullivan’s Tap on Friend Street between a tourist and Boston Bruins fan. (Thanks to a commentor at for this one):

Tourist: “I don’t understand, why do you hate the Habs so much?”

Bruins Fan: “Because f*ck ’em, that’s why”


7 hours

Coming down to Game 2.

POLL: If I were to set up a chat room on the homepage, would anyone utilize it for live game talk?

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