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Ovechkin gives Cherry the finger (basically) – *UPDATED X3*

NHL All Star Skills Hockey
Since the Bruins stunk up the Garden tonight I dont even feel like doing a recap of the game. I would much rather discuss Alexander ‘where we go dance’ Ovechkin scoring his 50th goal of the season, the third time he has done that in the NHL. here is his celebration:

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Uhhhh….I guess one of the more interesting comments this year

TSN recaped Wednesday night’s hockey games when the telecaster came up with a gem (you will know what I’m talking about). Is Hillary or Carrie (I’m on a first name basis with these two along with LiLo) dating one of the Senators? I’m not up to date on my celebrity gossip.


Is reading loge19? I think so, after I asked if Underwood or Duff were dating one of the Sens,  posted:

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