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thekiiid’s Top 3 Games of the ’08-’09 Season

I wanted to do this after the Boston Bruins were knocked out, but I was unhappy, and lazy, so I’m going to do it now. I want to go over the top 3 games I attended this past season. I was able to see quite a few games this year, in a few different venues, so this is not limited to Bruins games alone, instead games I attended around the league.  So, before the announcement from the NHL this afternoon, here are my top three games of the season, feel free to post yours:


The third best game I saw this season is actually a tie. It’s a tie between the Redwings/Bruins game on November 29th and the Blackhawks/Bruins game on March 7th. I have these at a tie for a few reasons and on my top 3 games this season for another. First of all, in general, the reason these games are on my top three are because this is something the NHL needs to do on an annual basis. The NHL needs to renew the rivalries of the Original 6 teams. Although people say the Original 6 is no big deal and yada yada yada, it’s the heritage of the league. It’s a shame that teams in the Western Conference  only see Eastern Conference Original 6 matchups maybe a few times during the season, and vice-versa.

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A-very Warm Welcome From the Big Apple

"Hey Fatso, I'm Baaaaacck"

"Hey Fatso, I'm Baaaaacck"


I’m sick of reading articles and blog posts about how Sean Avery is an idiot, how he has not changed, and how he will surely wear out his welcome in New York, “like he has everywhere else.”  Listen, we all know Avery can be a punk and he does some stupid stuff at times, but lets not get carried away here; after all, he is slowly becoming a new face of the NHL.

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