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And the Winner is….


…A TIE! between Commish and LPSnipa6 with 27 pts.

If anyone has any suggestions for a tie breaker let me know. I think I already know what the tie breaker should be, but I guess it may have to be somewhat hockey related. Here are some ideas:

  • Balloting on the NHL Awards tonight
  • Coin Toss
  • Helmets and gloves with the lights off in the locker room

Here are the final standings in The Loge after the 2008-09 Stanley Cup was won by the Pittsburgh Penguins

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B’s Take Game 1

OK so the B’s take game 1….what now Habs?


“It will be a ding-donger”

Love him or hate him, Don Cherry is making a lot of sense these days. According to, “Sour Grapes” is predicting a Bruins/Sharks Stanley Cup Final. Well Mr. Cherry, after all your crazy antics, it seems as though you’re calming down in your old age and starting to smarten up. Cherry, is calling for a 6-game Finals series going to the Bruins, and the Cup coming back to Beantown. has the full story.

Grapes predicts either the Boston Bruins or San Jose Sharks will hoist the Stanley Cup this spring.

Don Cherry, the opinionated star of Coach’s Corner on CBC’s Hockey Night In Canada, told reporters during a conference call Monday that he has an inkling the two top seeds will emerge from their respective conferences and meet in the Stanley Cup final.

San Jose led the NHL with 117 points in the Western Conference, while Boston topped the Eastern Conference with 116 points.

“It will be a ding-donger,” Cherry said, stopping short of predicting a winner.

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