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Bruins lock up Lucic

milan lucicLooks like Lucic will be picking up the tab a little more often these days. The Bruins announced yesterday that they signed the power forward to a 3 year contract extension that will keep him in a B’s uniform until the 2012-13 season. More from Fluto at

Lucic will earn $4 million in each of 2010-11 and 2011-12, and $4.25 million in 2012-13. Lucic, currently on his entry-level contract, is making a base salary of $685,000 this year. He will get a 484 percent raise next season.

Lucic’s $4,033,333 annual cap hit will make him the fourth-highest-paid Bruin behind Zdeno Chara ($7.5 million), Tim Thomas ($5 million), and Patrice Bergeron ($4.75 million). It is a lofty number for a player once cut by his Junior A team and not selected in the WHL bantam draft, but an appropriate price to pay for one of the league’s up-and-coming studs. Lucic’s status was reaffirmed this summer when he was invited to Team Canada’s Olympic orientation camp.

Commish’s take:

Definitely a great move buy Chiarelli. A good amount of people will question the cap hit for Lucic over the next three years. $4m is a hefty price for a 21 year old kid with an ugly stride and only 17 goals last year. However Lucic’s ‘hit first, ask questions later’ mentality along with his hardworking nature and other intangibles made resigning him a must for the Bruins. Looks like everyone can go out and buy a Lucic jersey now without worrying about where he will be over the next 3 years.

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