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Top Saves of the 2008-2009 Season

In day two of our best of, lets look at some of the better saves this season. Although I don’t like this highlite as much because half of these saves would have been avoided if the goalies would have stayed in position. However, nothing beats a goalie more effectively than shooting low toe!


Marty Turco caught napping

Slow day here in the Loge, so I wanted to post another terrible goal as a follow-up to Brian Boucher’s lapse last week. I do not know what Turco was up to here, but he allowed the game tying goal with 13 seconds left. I know goalies are an entirely different breed, but what causes them to lose complete focus when there is so much going on around them? Watch Turco just before Kopitar throws it on net, he looks at the scoreboard or something. For a team fighting for a solidified playoff spot, this is not the way to be giving up valuable points in the standings.

Thanks to Rearadmiral from for the heads up.

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