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Links From Around The League

Alright, another busy day in the office so I’m going to post some links from around the league. It’s easy, and lets be honest, other people probably have a lot more interesting stuff. Getting right to it, I really  hope you were able to watch the Chicago Blackhawks eliminate the Calgary Flames last night. Unreal game and an even better outcome. Also, as evidenced by the video above, the Sharks made a first round exit thanks to the play of Anaheim. Also another great game with some huge fights. So, without further delay:

  • There are more videos of the guy breaking down after the San Jose loss here, here, and here. The original link came to me from Commissionerdangle, who has also informed me not to laugh because that’s the condition he will be in if the Bruins are knocked out. Anyway, I know these videos are kind of long, but absolute gems, here is fan dedication:

Phoenix Coyotes v San Jose Sharks


I know this is a day or two late, I only have access to two shared computers that are mostly occupied by some blue hairs checking their Geritol prescription, but on Tuesday night I had the chance to see San Jose take on Phoenix. It was grossly apparent that “The Great One” Wayne Gretzky has been hanging out in the Loge for the past week reading the articles. After my rant earlier this week, regarding the lack of desire the Coyotes showed against the Nashville Predators, the Coyotes certainly picked up their intensity against one of the best teams in the league. This was probably one of the better games I was able to see this year. Although I went into the arena planning on seeing a blow-out, Phoenix really took it to San Jose. This game had pretty much everything you wanted, great goals, big hits, and a lot of fights.

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