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Shanahan’s In For One More Year

Brendan Shanahan is reporting that the New Jersey Devils have re-signed 22-year veteran Brendan Shanahan, to a one year deal. The 40-year old Shanahan will spend his 23rd season with the team who drafted him way back in 1987. After spending seasons in St. Louis, Hartford, Detroit, and New York it’s probably safe to say “Shanni” is looking to make one more go at it this year, and call it a career. As a fixture in Detroit, where he won 3 cups, Shanahan has pretty much locked in his Hall of Fame ballot, and will most likely retire with the Devils, after this season.  It’s good to see Shanahan back for another season, and New Jersey can use his veteran leadership. They’ll need it after losing forwards Brian Gionta (Montreal) and John Madden (Chicago) during free agency of this year. There is an expected official announcement coming later today.

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What about Hartford?????


You are going to have to get a magnifying glass out to see it but Hartford may be in the running for a possible return to the NHL  As a once, and long forgotten about, Hartford Whalers fan I have often dreamed about the day that Gary Bettman would wake up and bring The Whale back to CT. Although it doesn’t look like there will be any expansion in the near future for the NHL, according to league officials,  Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez is still putting in an effort towards the possibility . For the time being I can only sit at my desk and listen to the Brass Bonanza on repeat on my Ipod and remember the good’ol days of Francis, Dineen, Sanderson, Samuelson, Burke, Liut, Wesley, Malik, Pronger, Grimson, Sidorkiewicz, the list goes on and on.

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