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Anaheim’s Bob Murray Knocks Chick Out After Losing Game 7

I always though people from California were really laid back and easy going. I guess, not. According to Anaheim’s General Manager, Bob Murray, flung a chair after the Ducks lost Game 7. The chair accidentally hit a woman that was sitting in the press box at the Joe. Murray denies the incident and says it was a complete accident. I don’t quite get how you can deny that it happens, but admit it was an accident. Either way, the woman is not going to seek charges. On a brighter note, it gave me a chance to show this video that I’ve been waiting for. I would have assumed all people in SoCal would have the demeaner of this surfer dude, apparently Murray is an outlier in Orange County.

Update: Yahoo’s Puck Daddy is reporting that the woman Murray hit with the chair was celebrating for the Red Wings. Thus prompting Murray to fire a chair at her….classy.

Associated Press

DETROIT — Detroit police say a woman was accidentally hit by a chair swung by Ducks general manager Bob Murray after Anaheim‘s loss to the Red Wings in Game 7 of their Western Conference semifinal series.

Sgt. Alan Quinn said on Saturday that the woman was struck while in the press box Thursday night at Joe Louis Arena, and Murray apologized. Quinn says police took a report and the woman declined to seek charges.

The incident was first reported on Friday by WJBK-TV in Detroit.

The Ducks said Saturday that Murray denies throwing a chair. On Friday, he told the Los Angeles Times that it was a “complete accident.”

With the 4-3 win, the Wings advanced to play the Chicago Blackhawks in the conference finals that start Sunday in Detroit.
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Don’t forget to vote in the Staal Brother’s Point Competition, the competition will be closed at 7:30pm EST tonight. In another shot of good news, I found the video of the Sharks fan crying after San Jose was eliminated. Although, I cannot make much fun considering this was the condition of most of the Loge19 staff on Thursday night.

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