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My Take On The Scott Walker Fine

As a Bruins fan I am utterly disappointed in the leagues ruling this afternoon to fine Scott Walker a mere $2,500 for his cheap shot on Aaron Ward late in the third period of Game 5 Sunday night. I guess though what I am more pissed off about is the blatant inconsistency in rulings on disciplinary action that Collin Campbell has dolled out this post season.

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What about Hartford?????


You are going to have to get a magnifying glass out to see it but Hartford may be in the running for a possible return to the NHL  As a once, and long forgotten about, Hartford Whalers fan I have often dreamed about the day that Gary Bettman would wake up and bring The Whale back to CT. Although it doesn’t look like there will be any expansion in the near future for the NHL, according to league officials,  Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez is still putting in an effort towards the possibility . For the time being I can only sit at my desk and listen to the Brass Bonanza on repeat on my Ipod and remember the good’ol days of Francis, Dineen, Sanderson, Samuelson, Burke, Liut, Wesley, Malik, Pronger, Grimson, Sidorkiewicz, the list goes on and on.

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