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The Kid and The Great


It’s what we’ve been waiting for, or at least what Garry Bettman has been dreaming of since 2005, and thanks to some 3rdperiod heroics by the Carolina Hurricanes and a total collapse by the New York Rangers , we finally have a showdown between Sid the Kid and Alex the Great. Obviously this is a marketing dream for the NHL, having the two most recognizable faces of the NHL since Gretzky and Lemieux, (who never saw each other in the post season) squaring off in a Stanley Cup Playoff series. This has been a rivalry in the making since their respective rookie seasons. And with all great rivalries comes the age old question: Who is the best?

The Loge has had its fair share of debates over which player is better. While they both play very different styles of hockey, on paper they look almost identical. Since their rookie seasons of 2005-2006 Ovechkin has put 420 points on the board with 219 goals and 201 assists, while Crosby has 132 goals, 265 assists for 397 points.  A mere 23 points separates the two, while the differences in goals and assists between them can be attributed to their styles of play. Ovechkin, the flashier of the two, will shoot from anywhere , while Crosby is more of a playmaker. In head to head match-ups  they have faced each other 15 times, Crosby has the edge with a record of 11-4-0 to Ovechkin’s 4-8-3.

While this debate has been going on since their first games in the NHL and will surely continue on long after the Stanley Cup is hoisted this year, there is more to this series than these two individuals.

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Apparently the circus was in town yesterday afternoon at MSG instead of Game 6 of the Rangers / Capitals series. In between the second and third period Brendan Dubinksy of the New York Rangers received a Tetanus Shot from the Rangers training staff after he had been bitten by Shaone Morrisonn late in the second period. What made it worse was the fact that when he tried to show the mark to the officials he received a ten minute misconduct. This wasn’t the only blunder the zebra crew made throughout the game. They obviously didn’t have their glasses on when Donald Brashear closed lined Blair Betts with a flying elbow to the head breaking his orbital bone. Betts missed the rest of game 6 and will not dress in Tuesday night’s game 7. In the scrum following the hit, New York Ranger Paul Mara got a two minute penatly for roughing.

Now, Let me get this straight. Dubinksy gets bit and gets ten minutes in the sin bin with a Tetanus Shot and Betts gets his head taken off and Paul Mara gets two for roughing. Talk about an abortion. This must have been the same crew that missed Mike Komisarek’s eye gouge attempt at Matt Hunwick. If anything less comes out of this than what the league gave to Milan Lucic , Gary Bettman should be shot.

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