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Boston Bruins Force A Game 7

Game 7 Here We Come!

First off I want to apologize for those of you who visited this morning looking for the Game 6 recap. Last night I was too tired to create a recap and Commissionerdangle needed his beauty rest, and trust me, he needs all he can get. As for the rest of the day, here is my mini rant, some of you may get some enjoyment out of it. On Friday I’m leaving for New York City, New Jersey actually, for my girlfriend’s sister’s wedding. Because of that, I have about 2 weeks of work to do in 4 days. I literally have 47 projects that need to be completed before I take off Thursday night. Here’s where the comedy comes in, on top of that I need to make my own travel arrangements to Red Bank New Jersey. See, I’m not leaving with my girlfriend tonight to go to the wedding. I told her I’m missing her sister’s rehersal dinner in order to go to Game 7. If any of you saw fireworks in Boston last night, it wasn’t the Fourth of July. It was me deciding to watch the Bruins Game 7 at the Garden Thursday night, instead of head to the Garden State. Now I’m taking a 6:30am Mega Bus, Friday morning, to some corner in New York City, walking 6 blocks to Penn Station, taking a train to Red Bank, NJ, and somehow making it to the wedding by 4:30pm. Mind you, I don’t know where the wedding is at, the hotel, or the reception. If you think the Bruins have pressure tomorrow night, call me around 3pm Friday and see where I’m at.  Continue reading ‘Boston Bruins Force A Game 7’


Game 6: What do the Hurricanes know about pressure?


Tonight’s game 6 at Carolina marks the second straight elimination game for the Bruins and the second game in a row that the Hurricanes have a chance to send the Bruins on an extended summer vacation. It is amazing how the build up and anticipation for a game can change so much in just 2 days. Sunday morning before game 5 I felt like I was standing on the corner of a street watching a car crash about to happen. I didn’t want to see anything bad happen but you hear the screeching tires and you have to look… Fortunately the Bruins were able to avoid a head on collision with the Hurricanes and have put a little extra gas in the tank heading into game 6.

The anticipation for this game has grown exponentially after the Bruins handed the Hurricanes a convincing 4-0 defeat at the Garden that was highlighted by crushing hits from Milan Lucic, great saves by Tim Thomas, quality fighting by Mark Stuart,  a couple of jingles from Philip Kessel and a slightly controversial punch to the face of Old Man Ward.

With the Bruins down 3 games to 2 and looking to bring this series back to the Garden for a decisive game 7, here are the Loge19 key’s to the game for the Bruins:

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