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Havlat Dunked By Kronwall

I’m on the Vineyard right now, so I’m not going to do much Loging. However, I wanted to throw up this hit that Nicklas Kronwall put on Martin Havlat. Honestly, I thought Havlat was dead, and it’s kind of creepy to watch him lay on the ice. The NHL should have a good time sorting out this one. Was it legal? Did Kronwall deserve a 5-minute major? I don’t know, you decide. When he made contact, his feet were on the ice, on his follow through his feet left the ice. I will say it was a clean when it comes to the contact, Kronwall’s elbow was tucked in, and it was all shoulder. Either way, Chicago blew a 3-0 lead only to win in overtime.

Congrats to ChickenParm for winning the Guess the Scorer contest, with his pick of the pride of UVM, Sharp. Lets do this again for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Please put your pick of who will score the first goal, in the comments section, along with the period and time to settle a tie.


Bruins Down Canadiens, Control Series 3-0; Challenge To American Fans

Thanks to for the image

Thanks to for the image

Let me see if I can get this straight, Canadiens’ fans. You are getting mauled by the Bruins in this series, so in order to show support for your team you boo the American National Anthem? (You can hear it at the end of this clip) Furthermore, you chant, “Go Habs Go” as the American National Anthem is being sung? Really? (Thanks to for the link) You’re that classless and lost you resort to that? In my opinion that is absolutely pathetic. Not to mention this is not the first time this incident has taken place, you even had a public service announcement to curb it! Talk trash about the Bruins or any opposing team all you want, but to disrespect the Anthem is plain ridiculous. As I said before, I was never into the Bruins/Habs rivalry because I’m from Chicago, but actions like that are why you’re hated. I was looking forward to a long series with good hockey, but forget that. I cannot wait until it’s over so your 100th anniversary season ends and I can actually see some good hockey with fans that are passionate about their team. The sad part is that it’s not all of Canada that is like this, it seems as though this activity is isolated in Montreal. Why don’t you take a page from Calgary’s book in how to show support for your team? For those of you who don’t know, the “C of Red” is the Flame’s fans attempt to get behind their team, and it’s intense. Every fan is encouraged to wear a Flames jersey to the games, and after watching the Hawks/Flames game on Versus tonight, it looks awesome (especially picture 2). As a Blackhawk fan, I know the UC can get insane, but it was cool to see how the Calgary fans do it.

 Tonight was just what I needed after a rough day. The B’s played the Habs at 7 and then the Hawks/Flames game was on at 10. If you’re looking for a series to follow in this quarterfinal round, I can tell you right now the best round may be the Calgary Flames/Chicago Blackhawks series. When you have Todd Bertuzzi telling Mike Keenan to calm down, you know you’re in the middle of an intense series. Game 3 offered a lot for fans at every level of the game. As you may or may not know, the B’s put the Canadiens down 3-0 in the series after a 4-2 win tonight. Although the Bruins were outplayed at points during the game, they stay disciplined and weathered the storms. Any Boston fan would be happy with the composure the Bruins played with tonight. Short 3 key players, Hunwick, Lucic, and Ference, the Bruins were able to put the Canadiens in a hole (<— Stanley Cup of Chowder has a good breakdown) that seems impossible to get out of.

Alright, so this is what I wanted to get to since the begining of the Bruin’s game. Here is my challenge to all American fans when a Canadian team is in your building. While this can hopefully pour into next season, right now I am challenging Chicago fans (unfortunately there will be a game 5), St.Louis fans, and Boston fans (if there is a game 5 on Saturday), and every other American city that will host a Canadian team. When the Canadian National Anthem is sung, cheer as loud as you can, sing along, and make as much noise as possible in the most respectful way possible. Does this sound soft and I don’t like competition? Nope, I love hockey and the NHL because of how much passion the fans have, and how classy the players are. Therefore, lets continue to keep the NHL the benchmark of conduct for all professional sports.

In closing, I hope to see Montreal back in Boston on Saturday so we can give the Canadien’s fans a clinic on sportsmanship.


The Bruins Need This One

So I’m having a pretty terrible start to my day/week. To begin, it took me forever to get into work today considering the subway was packed with Red Sox fans going to the game, and spectators for the marathon going to watch people exercise for 6 hours. I live 4 stops away from my office and it literally took me 35 minutes to get to work. I probably should have walked, but that’s my problem. Then, I get to work and crank away for about an hour, head to a meeting, come back to realize I have coffee all over the front of my shirt. That must have happened sometime on the way in, so it’s nice to know I’ve been walking around the city and office with Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Coffee down the front of me. To add on to this day, I pretty much cannot leave the office because the marathon ends a block away from my building, so at about 1 o’clock there will be a sea of people, 20 deep, in front of the entrance. As for my walk home I know I can expect to see about 1,000 people walking around like zombies with shiny silver blankets wrapped around them.


But enough about me, because I’m not having the best day I’m going to throw this out there. Tonight is a MUST WIN for the Bruins. You’re probably thinking I’m nuts for throwing that out there, but it is. If the Canadiens lose the series, it’s a drop in the bucket for the tumultuous season they have had. Plus as an eight seed, they are expected to lose, even though Anaheim is doing OK for themselves right now. But, if the B’s don’t put the Habs down 3-0 tonight, they open the door for an upset.

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Chris Kunitz Bundles Kimmo Timonen

Finally the Philly/Pitt series is staring to heat up. To tell you the truth I’ve expected a lot more from both teams. The Pens have jumped out to a 2-0 series lead, but now as the series has moved to Philly, the Flyers look to close out game 3 with a win. Half way through the third the Flyers have a 5-2 lead, and don’t look to be giving up their lead.

Anyway, a few things about this series:

  • This Kunitz hit on Timonen is the biggest hit of the playoffs so far. It happens in the first 8 seconds of the clip, and then is replayed, but if you’re not looking for it, you’re not going to see it. I like how Crosby crys and looks for a call at the end of the clip, all the while Kunitz is getting his lunch fed to him by Hartnell. (Although Kunitz stood his ground)
  • It has taken 3 games for these teams to warm up to each other and start showing some fire. Philly needs to get into a more physical game if they plan on turning this series around. The Flyers do not have the skill the Pens have, therefore they need to play physical and slow the game down.
  • NBC wake up with your coverage. If there are scrums in front of the net or in the corner, don’t cut to commercial. Casual fans watch the game for the fights, much like casual Nascar fans watch for the crashes.

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