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So Long Per-Johan

PJ Axelsson is reporting that today marks the end of the road for long time Bruin PJ Axelsson. After playing all 797 of his NHL games wearing the spoked B, Axelsson will head back to his native country of Sweden to play for his former pro team, Frolunda, of the Swedish Elite League. Axelsson, who was a free agent starting July 1, was not offered an extension by the Bruins after his contract expired. This should not come to much of a surprise as there was speculation by all parties invovled that PJ would not be part of the 2010 team. This non-move by the Bruins to sign Axelsson comes in a long line of moves the B’s have made this off-season, that is changing the face of the team.

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Boston Bruins Add Derek Morris

Derek Morris

On Saturday the Bruins added some more size and muscle to their blue line by signing Derek Morris to a 1-year contract. The 6-foot, 220 lbs, veteran bulldozer “offensive” defenseman joins the B’s in his 13th year in the league. An interesting move by the B’s after I was convinced they moved Aaron Ward to Carolina to make room for Kessel. However, I think Morris is a nice upgrade from Ward, I hope is 1-year $3 million paycheck is worth it.

It’s nice to see some more experience on the B’s back line. I’m not familiar with Morris, I’ve only seen him play a few times. But, he’ll be back together with some of his old teammates including, Savard, Kobasew, fellow d-man Ference, and newly aquired Begin. If anything Morris should be a little more solid than crazy legs Montador, who was so unpredictable the only thing you could count on was an adventure whenever he had the puck on his stick.

3 things. 1. What does this mean for Kessel? 2. Will the Bruins make any more moves to up their scoring power? 3. Does anyone get the reference to the posted picture? If so, I’ll figure something out to send you. I have a few posters left over from the playoffs.

Additionally, Eaves has cleared waivers, which means the B’s are now eligable to pay him outright, thus making him an unrestricted free agent. Not sure about the salary cap, but why not just keep him around?

Morris seems to be pretty psyched about coming to Boston, which is good to hear. has more on the story, which is actually a good read and brush-up on Morris as a player on and off the ice.

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Thank You Logers

So as you know the Loge has been DOA for the past 2 months, and I don’t blame most of you for the harsh words you have sent my way. We got cocky with how well our first season went, and we took our Logers for granted. Well, thekiiid is here to apologize, and thank you for your support. Things grew at a rate this season we never expected, and we had a great following. So, first and foremost, I want to thank each of our visitors, and especially those who take time to visit us daily and comment.

To that note, I am happy to announce that the Loge will be around for the ’09/’10 season, which we’ll start right now.  (We also renewed our season tickets so we will be spending another season in Loge 19, at the Garden) Think of this as the Loge signing a long term contract after a stellar rookie season. Right now we’re still in negotiations to bring back some of the authors, and maybe let some of them test the free agency market to see if they can get any better offers.

To be honest, and most of the contributors here can atest to, after our respective teams were knocked out of the playoffs, our desire to post did too. I couldn’t watch the Conference Finals with much interest, and the Stanley Cup Finals had me thinking what it would have been like to see a B’s/Hawks series. Then free agency came around, and I could not muster up the energy to report on it, but no worries, we’ll get some coverage and look at some of the free agents still out there.

So, as Commissionerdangle has pointed out, we are up for a treat thanks to the NHL tomorrow in announcing “something important” at Fenway Park. Even though we know what the announcement is about, we just need to find out who the Bruins will be playing for the third annual Winter Classic, in the fourth consecutive year the NHL will host an outdoor game.

So, again, thanks for to everyone for visiting this past season, lets make the ’09/’10 season even better!

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