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Bruins Take Eastern Conference; Rangers booking April t-times

The Tank


Tank Thomas shut-out the New York Rangers to take the Eastern Conference and gaurantee home ice for the first 3 rounds of the playoffs. A couple quick notes:

  • commissionerdangle is officially blacked out at 6:32pm
  • clarkdub will be making a permanent t-time any minute now, along with owing most of the loge19 staff a round of drinks
  • The B’s could potentially be facing the Panthers first round
  • Krejci wins the 7th man award
  • Big Habs/Leafs game tonight for Montreal
  • Wheeler scored his 21st of the season tonight (also the game winning goal)
  • Avery proved why the rest of the league hates him
  • Anyone hear the final word on Ference?
  • commissionerdangle is now on his 14th beer of the night….uh oh!
  • Cleary’s tonight for a post-game celebration….if you can pinpoint commissionerdangle, he’ll buy you a drink.

“Salad” Night in Philly



Forget the famous Philly Cheesesteak we want a salad!!!!  Now isn’t this just classic hockey player fun…………to have a whole night dedicated to yourself for having the “best salad” on your team and most likely the league, now that deserves a pat on the back.  Last night the Flyers faced off against the Panthers in a “Scotty Hartnell Wig Giveaway Night,” now the bad part about this night is that you had to be under 14 in order to get one.  Let’s be honest, no 14 year old is going to utilize this wig effectively.  This wig is meant to be used when you’re near blackout at a party with all of your buddies and trying to get a laugh out of the ladies so you can rope one in late night.  Perhaps, if you’re like some of us here at the Loge, you’ll even find some shampoo late night with your lady friend to wash that wig with!!

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