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Hit of the Week 3/30


I’m going to designate Tuesdays as “Hit of the Week” day. Therefore, in this week’s “Hit of the Week” I’m between Boston’s Wideman laying out LA’s Westgarth or Chicago’s Campbell flattening Edmonton’s Nilsson. Campbell flat out railed Nilsson, however Wideman’s hit was text book defense as he held the blue line. Although Campbell did step up in the neutral zone.

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OK so this post/rant has been the chamber for a while but since Fluto Shinzawa over at the Bruins Blog mentioned the topic today I figured that I would get around to finishing my thoughts on Dennis WIDEman and his amazing ability to miss the net..

First, here is what Fluto had to say about today’s bruins practice:

Cone work

Posted by Fluto Shinzawa, Globe Staff March 18, 2009 10:30 AM

WILMINGTON — Good morning from Ristuccia Arena, where the Bruins have started skating onto the ice for practice.

Dennis Wideman was on early with assistant coach Doug Houda. With help from some cones placed at the points, Wideman has been practicing getting his shots through traffic and on net.

* Phil Kessel is back on the ice today. Kessel was given a maintenance day yesterday.

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