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Mics pick up a great conversation

Commissonerdangle sent this to me this morning but I just got around to checking it out. Watch it now before Youtube pulls the video. To give it some context, if you don’t already know, the Blues and Canucks have been in a pretty heated series. This video is from Game 1 of the series and the on-ice mic picked up a great trash-talking conversation. I don’t know all the players involved so please comment who is saying what. I would love to have a player like Adam Burish or Sean Avery mic’ed up for an entire game just to pick up what the players say to each other. Of course, you cannot mention the video above without watching this one as a compliment.

Thanks to for the link. They have more context to the story.

NOTE: The conversation is a little graphic, if you’re not a hockey player.

The text from deadspin:

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