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The $1 Million Question………..Ovie or Crosby??



After watching tonight’s amazing show down of two of the game’s hottest all-stars, I have to see where Loge fans stand on the age old question of who the better hockey player is??  Crosby or Ovechkin!!  Each player has their own unique style which differs greatly from the other in my opinion.  I am not biased to either one of these two young stars because I think they bring tremendous passion and excitement to the game of hockey and each player is pretty much the best thing that has happened to their respective organizations in a really long time.  I will say this though………if you are looking for an all around hockey player that plays both ends of the ice well, then I’d say Crosby is the better of the two.  But, on the other hand, Ovie’s unparalleled “wear your heart on your sleeve” passion and uncanny ability to score clutch game changing goals, along with the capability to rise his team’s emotions and ability single handedly; makes him a priceless competitor that is unmatched, offensively, by anybody in the league.  So, Loge fans, who do you choose?

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