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Northeast Preview

NHL Northeast Division

Our friends over at took a look at the Northeast division today, by asking respective bloggers 5 questions about their team. Each blogger answered the same question, and I’d say some of the answers are pretty interesting. Here are our responses, and you can find the entire division here. Yesterday VFMS took a look at the Atlantic Division, check back daily for other divisions around the league.

There’s going to be an entire new look to the Northeast Division. The Toronto Maple Leafs got much bigger. The Montreal Canadiens got much smaller. The Ottawa Senators got much more dramatic. The Buffalo Sabres got to be much bigger fans of the Coyotes staying in Phoenix. And the Bruins seemed like the only ones that needed to show up to the NHL Awards in Las Vegas.

So what does that mean for the upcoming season? Are the Bruins going to dominate the Division again on their way to the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference? Will the rest of the division step up and throw their weight around the Eastern Conference?

We have a great collection of bloggers around Northeast Division to give us an idea of what to expect this season. We have TheKiiid from Loge19 representing the Boston Bruins. We’ll get our Sabres perspective from David Oleksy at Die By The Blade. Fans of the Canadian teams will get their fix with PPP from Pension Plan Puppets (Maple Leafs), Kyle Roussel from All Habs (Montreal Canadiens), and Kevin Butler & Tambland from Stay Classy (Ottawa Senators). In fact, since Stay Classy can’t be trusted—we have a couple of responses from the guys.

Tomorrow we’ll give the Southeast Division the same treatment. For an entire schedule of the divisions we’re going to cover, you can find it right here (including yesterday’s Atlantic Division Roundtable). Until then, enjoy the Northeast!

1. Why is your team going to be better than they were last season?

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Carolina rides Cam Ward to Game 2 win

Cam Ward sighted on Canal Street outside the Garden after Game 2

Cam Ward sighted on Canal Street outside the Garden after Game 2

Cam Ward made some unbelieveable saves tonight in a 2-0 3-0 (corrected, even though we all know who empty net goals are for…) shutout win over the Bruins. The Hurricanes beat the Bruins for the first time this year while handing them their first loss of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Frustrating game to watch from a Bruins perspective.

Bruins did not deserve to win this game. They were sloppy from the top of their circles to the blue line and had a bunch of give away. I thought that the goal controversy might possibly spark them in the locker room after the 2nd period but no dice. Here is the non-goal:

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