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Staal Brothers Competition

I’m back from New York City, and from the looks of it most of our viewers are now in their off-season. That’s cool though, the true Logers are sticking around. A few house-keeping items before we get into it today. First, the trip to NYC/NJ went pretty smooth, the roughest part was getting up at 5:30am the following morning trying to catch the Orange Line train at Haymarket. Luckily for me, the train was running more late than I was.

 Second, Versus sent me a bunch of shirts and posters over the weekend, actually a toooon of posters. The shirts are actually really cool so I’m going to give them away in a competition type format. Everytime I think of something clever I’ll post it, and the winner gets a shirt and a poster. If you want just the poster I’m sure I can send it, I have a bunch. Since I was gone this weekend I was not able to do anything for the Wings/Hawks Game 1, but that’s fine we’ll start it with Game 2. For the Penguins/Hurricanes series, which starts tonight, we’ll start it off with this. Which Staal brother will have more POINTS, Jordan or Eric? Here is what you have to do, in the comment section post which Staal brother you think will have more points throughout the series. Here is how the tie-break will work, since we’ll have a bunch. The first tie-breaker is giving us the exact number of points the winning brother will have, and the second tie-breaker will be giving us the number of points the losing brother will have. If we’re still tied after that, I guess we can give away a few shirts considering we’re just starting off. So, in the comments section  post your selection, be sure to use your real email address so we can contact the winner. Other viewers cannot contact you because your email address is not visible, but we can see it. 

Tonight I’ll take a picture of the shirt and poster so you know what you’re competing for, please make all selections no later than 7:30 pm Eastern Time. 

Bear with us today, it’s going to be slow. I’m going to be catching up on a lot of stuff today and I think the other writers are still recovering from their night at the Liberty Hotel. Check back in tonight, and make your pics now for the Staal Brothers Points Competition.

 Here are the rules again: 

  • Pick which Staal Brother, Eric or Jordan, will have the most POINTS in the series. (Goals and Assists combined.) FYI Jordan plays for Pittsburgh, Eric plays for Carolina.
  • The winner will get a Versus t-shirt and poster
  • Please submit how many points you think each brother will have as that will serve as the tie-breaker
    • First tie breaker is guessing the correct amount of points the winning brother will have
    • Second tie breaker is guessing the correct amount of points the losing brother will have.
  • Post your submission in the comments box, it closes at 7:30 pm EST tonight
  • Be sure to use your real email address so we can notify the winner
  • You don’t need to create a login or password, the comment section is open to everyone
  • Duplicate submissions will be deleted along with the original

Boston Loses Game 7; 3-2 in OT

Not much to say about tonight. Boston took it on the chin with a 3-2 OT loss. Ironically Walker with the OT goal. I really don’t want to go over the game right now, nor do I care, I wish the B’s had played better. But from what I did see, Boston had 35 shots blocked or miss the net. Among the entire team, Boston had THIRTY FIVE SHOTS BLOCKED OR MISS THE NET. In a Game 7 that goes to OT, give me 5 shots that hit the net, and I’ll show you a game that ends in regulation. And for a team to get 36 shots on goal for the entire game, that’s terrible. Not to mention that Boston had 4 PP chances to Carolina’s 2. But, I’m not going to dwell on this, I need to go to bed and sleep it off.

Either way, rest assured a few things. For one, don’t tune away from, we’re going to continue covering the NHL playoffs. Although give us the weekend, I don’t think much will be posted. Second, I’m looking forward to another Bruins season in a few months. Third, lets go Blackhawks, I think they may do it.

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Boston Bruins Force A Game 7

Game 7 Here We Come!

First off I want to apologize for those of you who visited this morning looking for the Game 6 recap. Last night I was too tired to create a recap and Commissionerdangle needed his beauty rest, and trust me, he needs all he can get. As for the rest of the day, here is my mini rant, some of you may get some enjoyment out of it. On Friday I’m leaving for New York City, New Jersey actually, for my girlfriend’s sister’s wedding. Because of that, I have about 2 weeks of work to do in 4 days. I literally have 47 projects that need to be completed before I take off Thursday night. Here’s where the comedy comes in, on top of that I need to make my own travel arrangements to Red Bank New Jersey. See, I’m not leaving with my girlfriend tonight to go to the wedding. I told her I’m missing her sister’s rehersal dinner in order to go to Game 7. If any of you saw fireworks in Boston last night, it wasn’t the Fourth of July. It was me deciding to watch the Bruins Game 7 at the Garden Thursday night, instead of head to the Garden State. Now I’m taking a 6:30am Mega Bus, Friday morning, to some corner in New York City, walking 6 blocks to Penn Station, taking a train to Red Bank, NJ, and somehow making it to the wedding by 4:30pm. Mind you, I don’t know where the wedding is at, the hotel, or the reception. If you think the Bruins have pressure tomorrow night, call me around 3pm Friday and see where I’m at.  Continue reading ‘Boston Bruins Force A Game 7’


Game 6: What do the Hurricanes know about pressure?


Tonight’s game 6 at Carolina marks the second straight elimination game for the Bruins and the second game in a row that the Hurricanes have a chance to send the Bruins on an extended summer vacation. It is amazing how the build up and anticipation for a game can change so much in just 2 days. Sunday morning before game 5 I felt like I was standing on the corner of a street watching a car crash about to happen. I didn’t want to see anything bad happen but you hear the screeching tires and you have to look… Fortunately the Bruins were able to avoid a head on collision with the Hurricanes and have put a little extra gas in the tank heading into game 6.

The anticipation for this game has grown exponentially after the Bruins handed the Hurricanes a convincing 4-0 defeat at the Garden that was highlighted by crushing hits from Milan Lucic, great saves by Tim Thomas, quality fighting by Mark Stuart,  a couple of jingles from Philip Kessel and a slightly controversial punch to the face of Old Man Ward.

With the Bruins down 3 games to 2 and looking to bring this series back to the Garden for a decisive game 7, here are the Loge19 key’s to the game for the Bruins:

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My Take On The Scott Walker Fine

As a Bruins fan I am utterly disappointed in the leagues ruling this afternoon to fine Scott Walker a mere $2,500 for his cheap shot on Aaron Ward late in the third period of Game 5 Sunday night. I guess though what I am more pissed off about is the blatant inconsistency in rulings on disciplinary action that Collin Campbell has dolled out this post season.

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Scott Walker Will Not Be Suspended is reporting that Scott Walker will not be suspended for his sucker punch on Aaron Ward in last night’s Game 5. Instead, Walker will receive a $2,500 fine for his actions. This is absolutely ridiculous that Walker is not suspended for atleast one game. It is in black and white, any player assessed an instigator penalty with less than 5-minutes to go in a game received an automatic one game suspension. Obviously Cambell overturned that judgement, and Walker is eligable for Game 6. In a weird twist, this may be more of a punishment considering Walker will now have to deal with Ward, Thorton, and Lucic looking for revenge.


RALEIGH, NC — The National Hockey League today announced that Hurricanes forward Scott Walker has been fined $2,500 for an incident that occurred at the 17:13 mark of the third period of Game 5 against the Boston Bruins. There will be no additional punishment assessed.

“We are satisfied with the league’s ruling,” said Hurricanes President and General Manager Jim Rutherford. “After our team received several punches throughout the series leading up to Game 5, it was a matter of time before one was going to be thrown back.”

“I accept the league’s decision,” said Walker. “Based on what was said on the ice as I was dropping my gloves, it was my understanding that I was engaged in an altercation.”

Walker commented on the league’s actions in saying:

“I accept the league’s decision,” Walker said in a statement. “Based on what was said on the ice as I was dropping my gloves, it was my understanding that I was engaged in an altercation.”

While Carolina’s GM Jim Rutherford had this to say:

“We are satisfied with the league’s ruling,” said president and GM Jim Rutherford in a statement. “After our team received several punches throughout the series leading up to Game 5, it was a matter of time before one was going to be thrown back.” is reporting Ward should be available for tomorrow’s Game 6.


Boston Shuts Out Carolina 4-0; Thomas With First Career Playoff Shutout

I am exhausted right now so I’ll make this a quick recap. Great win tonight for the Bruins, the Garden was louder than I’ve heard it in awhile.  It has become blatantly obvious that Claude Julien and the Boston Bruins have been hanging out in the Loge recently. After our last 2 game breakdowns, the Bruins made every correction the Loge suggested

Boston came out a little timid, but still put a lot of pressure on Carolina. So much pressure they did not give up a shot to the ‘Canes until midway through the first, all the while the ‘Canes had a powerplay. Toward the end of the first Recchi scored his second goal of the postseason, a tip in from Chara’s shot from the point. Four minutes later Kessel rounded out the first period scoring after a nice setup from Savard and Lucic. 

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