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Truer Words Never Spoken

Adam Burish

So a quick two part post on this hot and muggy Wednesday afternoon. First, puckdaddy over at Yahoo! has repoprted that six teams will have alternative/additional looks this season. The coolest of which has to be the Chicago Blackhawks, who will be sporting their Winter Classic jerseys as the third jersey instead of the all black third jersey.

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Hit of the Week 3/30


I’m going to designate Tuesdays as “Hit of the Week” day. Therefore, in this week’s “Hit of the Week” I’m between Boston’s Wideman laying out LA’s Westgarth or Chicago’s Campbell flattening Edmonton’s Nilsson. Campbell flat out railed Nilsson, however Wideman’s hit was text book defense as he held the blue line. Although Campbell did step up in the neutral zone.

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