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The Bruins Need This One

So I’m having a pretty terrible start to my day/week. To begin, it took me forever to get into work today considering the subway was packed with Red Sox fans going to the game, and spectators for the marathon going to watch people exercise for 6 hours. I live 4 stops away from my office and it literally took me 35 minutes to get to work. I probably should have walked, but that’s my problem. Then, I get to work and crank away for about an hour, head to a meeting, come back to realize I have coffee all over the front of my shirt. That must have happened sometime on the way in, so it’s nice to know I’ve been walking around the city and office with Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Coffee down the front of me. To add on to this day, I pretty much cannot leave the office because the marathon ends a block away from my building, so at about 1 o’clock there will be a sea of people, 20 deep, in front of the entrance. As for my walk home I know I can expect to see about 1,000 people walking around like zombies with shiny silver blankets wrapped around them.


But enough about me, because I’m not having the best day I’m going to throw this out there. Tonight is a MUST WIN for the Bruins. You’re probably thinking I’m nuts for throwing that out there, but it is. If the Canadiens lose the series, it’s a drop in the bucket for the tumultuous season they have had. Plus as an eight seed, they are expected to lose, even though Anaheim is doing OK for themselves right now. But, if the B’s don’t put the Habs down 3-0 tonight, they open the door for an upset.

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Sunday’s Hangover Will Be Eased With A 2-0 Bruin’s Lead

Thanks to for the pic

Thanks to for the pic

Cruising the Montreal blogs today to see what kind of excuses they may come up with when the B’s deport the Habs this weekend. It seems as though our friends at and 4 Habs Fans may have been downing too much of the Molson XXX last night. It’s fine, the US doesn’t allow the human consumption of jet fuel, but lets not let Canadian moose urine control our actions. In response, I’d like to make a few more points clear about the upcoming weekend’s series:

  • Ladies,  please keep your handbags in site while Ryan O’Byrne and Tom Kostopoulos are not on the ice. Apparently these two have a knack for women’s hand bags. Fellas, I’m sure you look great with a Louis Vitton, but can’t you purchase one of your own? Ironically, the male Canadien’s fan crowd may be facing the same issue.
  • If you see see Andrei or Sergei Kostitsyn and Roman Hamrlik with a little  pep in their step and a bank roll, you’ll know it’s not because they’re on the verge of eliminating the Bruins. Something tells me they are in Boston on a different type of business opportunity.
  • As for the Four Habs Fans site, I don’t really know what their story is, for some reason I have not read any of the articles. I can’t get past the headlines.
  • If you’re at Saint or Mansion this weekend and you see a bunch of v-neck shirt wearing nancies, buy them a drink for me, something tells me it will help out the Bruins on Saturday. Apparently the C’s have a drinking team with a hockey problem.
  • If anyone has a band-aid, can they bring it to the Garden Thursday night? Apparently Andrei Markov and Mathiue Schneider have a boo-boo and will not be utilizing the frozen side of the boards for another few months. (I guess you can throw Lang in on that list too.)
  • Which Alex Kovalev is going to show up for this series? This one or this one?
  • The Canadiens are taking applications for the coaching position for the ’09-’10 season. Inquiries and interviews begin April 23. Requirments: Want to go to a Stanley Cup contendor 5 months after being hired, able to withstand constant ridicule, can handle squirt-level maturity, terrible suit/tie collection.
  • I encourage Canadien fans to take note on how you celebrate beating a #8 seed in the first round. While I don’t predict this will go 7 games (more like 5). The B’s won’t burn down the city after an eight seed takes a one seed to the brink of elimination in the first round! Stay classy, Montreal.
  • Oh, although I think the Original 6 teams have the best logos, yours looks like a toilet seat. I’m not sure if that’s inentional or not.
  • Our ice girls are better.
From the Bruins Blog

From the Bruin's Blog



Habs Out Top 2 Defensemen



Montreal Canadiens’ top 2 defensemen are out of the lineup for at least three weeks.  As Boston Bruins fans, if the playoffs were to start today we’d be facing the New York Rangers.  Seeing how our playoff tickets are now in hand, I personally would like to see a Habs/Bruins first round matchup.  With the Habs’ top 2 defensemen out of the lineup this would be a perfect opportunity for the Bruins to get some revenge on last year’s first round playoff.

Note:  Ovechkin was clearly rocking the “Scotty Hartnell Wig” earlier in the night…………how else would he have wheeled these two gems?


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