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Alex Burrows and His Lucky Stick?

Like most hockey players, Alex Burrows is very particular about his equipment and superstitions. Much like Mike Green not wanting to give up his record breaking stick to the Hall of Fame, Burrows likes to play with the same stick he started a scoring streak with. In this case, Darcy Hordichuck thought he may have some luck with Burrow’s stick, so he cut it down to his size.

The story goes on, but it seems as though Burrows has found a new use for his sticks, and it’s not for scoring goals. TSN.cais reporting that earlier this summer Alex Burrows, of the Vancouver Canucks, was involved in an altercation during a summer league game in Montreal. At some point during the game Burrows struck a 19 year old goaltender in the face, with his stick. The PHL, or Pond Hockey League, is a summer league utilized by college, amateur, and pro players looking to get some ice in the off-season. The goaltender who was struck has declined to comment, on advice from his lawyers. Currently there are no charges pending against burrows. TSN has the entire story:

Vancouver Canucks forward Alex Burrows could be facing charges stemming from an on-ice incident in a Montreal summer hockey league game.

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Mics pick up a great conversation

Commissonerdangle sent this to me this morning but I just got around to checking it out. Watch it now before Youtube pulls the video. To give it some context, if you don’t already know, the Blues and Canucks have been in a pretty heated series. This video is from Game 1 of the series and the on-ice mic picked up a great trash-talking conversation. I don’t know all the players involved so please comment who is saying what. I would love to have a player like Adam Burish or Sean Avery mic’ed up for an entire game just to pick up what the players say to each other. Of course, you cannot mention the video above without watching this one as a compliment.

Thanks to for the link. They have more context to the story.

NOTE: The conversation is a little graphic, if you’re not a hockey player.

The text from deadspin:

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