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The $1 Million Question………..Ovie or Crosby??



After watching tonight’s amazing show down of two of the game’s hottest all-stars, I have to see where Loge fans stand on the age old question of who the better hockey player is??  Crosby or Ovechkin!!  Each player has their own unique style which differs greatly from the other in my opinion.  I am not biased to either one of these two young stars because I think they bring tremendous passion and excitement to the game of hockey and each player is pretty much the best thing that has happened to their respective organizations in a really long time.  I will say this though………if you are looking for an all around hockey player that plays both ends of the ice well, then I’d say Crosby is the better of the two.  But, on the other hand, Ovie’s unparalleled “wear your heart on your sleeve” passion and uncanny ability to score clutch game changing goals, along with the capability to rise his team’s emotions and ability single handedly; makes him a priceless competitor that is unmatched, offensively, by anybody in the league.  So, Loge fans, who do you choose?

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Habs Out Top 2 Defensemen



Montreal Canadiens’ top 2 defensemen are out of the lineup for at least three weeks.  As Boston Bruins fans, if the playoffs were to start today we’d be facing the New York Rangers.  Seeing how our playoff tickets are now in hand, I personally would like to see a Habs/Bruins first round matchup.  With the Habs’ top 2 defensemen out of the lineup this would be a perfect opportunity for the Bruins to get some revenge on last year’s first round playoff.

Note:  Ovechkin was clearly rocking the “Scotty Hartnell Wig” earlier in the night…………how else would he have wheeled these two gems?


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“Oh Girl”


Urban Dictionary:  Dangles
In hockey, when a player makes a move around the D by moving (dangling) the puck around one side of the D and skating around the D the other way, meeting up with the puck and lighting up a SNIPESHOW

And here is a video for the top 5 shootout dangles of the year……………enjoy


“Salad” Night in Philly



Forget the famous Philly Cheesesteak we want a salad!!!!  Now isn’t this just classic hockey player fun…………to have a whole night dedicated to yourself for having the “best salad” on your team and most likely the league, now that deserves a pat on the back.  Last night the Flyers faced off against the Panthers in a “Scotty Hartnell Wig Giveaway Night,” now the bad part about this night is that you had to be under 14 in order to get one.  Let’s be honest, no 14 year old is going to utilize this wig effectively.  This wig is meant to be used when you’re near blackout at a party with all of your buddies and trying to get a laugh out of the ladies so you can rope one in late night.  Perhaps, if you’re like some of us here at the Loge, you’ll even find some shampoo late night with your lady friend to wash that wig with!!

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This is What Hockey is All About!



Welcome Loge fans. Since we haven’t mentioned anything about Martin Brodeur reaching an NHL milestone I figured it’d be nice to mention his name along with the New Jersey Devils for all of their greatness over the past decade.  Hats off to Marty for reaching such an incredible milestone, but this story goes deeper than just the individual.  We seem to have a theme going on here at the Loge that has portrayed hockey and hockey players as “classy,” rightfully so.  New Jersey Devils and Boston College’s own Brian Gionta explains to us what it’s really like to be part of a team and not an individual. 

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ECAC Northeast Round 1 Recap



ECAC Northeast Round 1 Review        

With the Division 3 ECAC Northeast playoffs under way, we here at loge19 want to give you a break down of Round 1 and also stay tuned for an update of Round 2 and the Championship. 

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