B’s drop another one…

BruinsSo there has been a lot of chatter about the B’s coverage on the Loge. Yes, as Clark Dub has said there are Whalers blogs that have been updated more frequently than the B’s blog….good one, have fun golfing in April. Yes, I know the B’s coverage has been soft, Commish was just promoted and the Kiiiiid is now in B-school so time to have fun has been short, but we have not been slacking on the B’s watching. So, for those of you who do not know, the B’s look like dog poo, tonight they dropped their third of the season to the Avs to drop to 2-3 on the season. The B’s now stand third in the division and 10th in the Eastern Conference. A big deal? NO. But I don’t like it and I’m not happy with them. The Bruins are not doing what they should, tonight they went down 2-0 early in the first and no one wanted to drop the buckets and stand up for the team. Why not? I don’t know, maybe Thorton’s purse was too heavy or Lucic didn’t have his dose of cranberry juice this weekend. Yes, I’m calling out town favorite Milan, if he wants to feed me my lunch, by all means, atleast I know he can still throw a punch, sissy.

As for Rask, the second goal was your fault, but whatevs, you’re a rookie, you played well tonight. Wheels, nice goal, Savard, sorry someone smeared your mascara and you couldn’t see the net, suck it up. I know it’s still early in the season, but this is terrible. It’s as though everyone is still looking at last year’s highlite real and remanising about what happened. It has gotten so bad that the clientèle at the Garden has gone to shit. Listen, if I can’t show up to a Bruins game with the fear of getting my teethed knocked out by someone who is finishing up the 93 tunnel on the Big Dig, I’m selling my season tickets. I have never seen so many ninnies in the Loge. I swear I saw a dude with a glass of red wine in Loge 16 and was reading a copy of Vogue between periods. WTF? I know a lot of this has to do with a lack of fans from the north and south shore, but fella’s, we need you. I know the B’s don’t attract like they should, but believe me, they have it in them. There will be plenty of fights very soon. I know the beer prices have gone up $.25, I think it sucks too, but we all have to put up with it. So listen, I need all the roughnecks in the Boston area to do me a favor: Find your favorite south shore shorty, drink some beers at the Penalty Box, and get to the games around 7:30. The fans need you, I need you, and most importantly the B’s need you. On top of that, the female talent in the league has been just as mediocre, the between period bird watching has been sub-par….pick it up.

In closing, I appreciate all you Logers hanging around, for now stay tuned, the B’s are still in it to win it this year, and Commish and I are still dedicated to the Loge. It’s going to take a few months for us to adjust to our new work-loads. However, we are still at the games and watching the league closely, trust me, the B’s are not that far off from the top. They have the talent and grit, they just need to show it.

So what do we have in front of us? Well our only Northeast Conference matchup is against the Sens on Oct. 24 and then things get real. After that look forward to the Rangers and Detroit, both away games. However, the ‘Yotes, Stars, and Preds are must win games which are an easy two points for the B’s. Anything to get them back in the groove is fine with me. Plus if they can get their blue collar playing style back against Dallas maybe it will be the start of the season. Don’t forget, it was not until the beginning of November last year that the B’s got their groove going. Last season it was the Dallas Stars game that the Bruins really established themselves as the gritty team in town and league, and went 1 game short of undefeated in the month of November. So, what’s to say they can’t do it again.

Alright, time to call it a night, Sugarsean and Cammy, I hope this makes you happy for now, we’ll be back in full force soon. The B’s hit the road for a few and we’ll comment on their first away games, after that, we’ll see what happens. Until then, feel free to comment and we’ll see everyone soon….

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