BC/BU and UNH/Northeastern To Pair Off In Their Own Winter Classic?

It has already been determined that the Boston Bruins will be hosting the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2010 Winter Classic, at America’s second most beloved ballpark. There was also word that Boston College would play Boston University in an encore game the following day. Now Boston.com is reporting that on August 20th the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Sports Group, and Hockey East will be hosting a press conference at Fenway. The article goes on to say a press release states that also in attendance will be head ice hockey coaches and student-athletes from BU, BC, Northeastern, and UNH.

So based on what happened last time there was a press conference at Fenway with hockey teams involved, we can assume what the outcome will be. Furthermore, an inside source has told us that the BU/BC game is definitely on while the NU/UNH game is being hashed out. Pretty awesome if you ask me! To have UNH play Northeastern in the afternoon and then BU play BC in the evening would be amazing! More to come on this story.

Boston.com has a few more details.

Could there be a college hockey doubleheader this winter at Fenway Park?

Reading between the lines of a press release distributed by the Red Sox this afternoon, it certainly seems to be a possibility.

The Red Sox, Fenway Sports Group, and the Hockey East Association will hold a joint press conference at the ballpark on Thursday, August 20, at 11 a.m.

According to the release, “school administrators, head coaches and select student-athletes from Boston College, Boston University, the University of New Hampshire and Northeastern University will also be participating in the press conference.”

There has been much speculation that Boston College and Boston University would play a game at Fenway this season, though nothing has been formally announced.

With the inclusion of UNH and Northeastern in next week’s press conference, it’s possible that the event will feature a pair of games.

1 Response to “BC/BU and UNH/Northeastern To Pair Off In Their Own Winter Classic?”

  1. 1 anonymous
    August 12, 2009 at 7:28 PM

    have heard that the NU UNH game will be a womens game

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