Patrick Kane Arrested For Chris Browning Buffalo Cab Driver

Patrick Kane

I absolutely HATE stories like this. If you don’t already know, Chicago Blackhawks star forward, Patrick Kane, was arrested early Sunday morning for punching a cab driver in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Apparently there was a dispute over some additional money owed to Patrick, and his cousin, James. As the story goes the Kanes gave the cab driver $15 for a $13.80 fare. The cab driver could only come up with the $1.00 in change, but could not produce the additional $.20. This sent the Kanes into an outrage and sparked them to attack the cab driver. While it is still unclear who punched the cabbie, Patrick was certainly involved. You can take in all of the details here, but I have a much larger issue.

Patrick, you are going to risk your season for $.20? Dude, you couldn’t tell the cabbie to keep the $1.20? Why no gratuity? Listen, I don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, but I know I’m tipping like 15%-18% for a decent cab ride. Granted these guys were definitely blasted, but come on! This is unacceptable. I mean this is one of the biggest, “What the fuck?” moments I can come up with in recent history. This type of behavior is reserved for football and basketball players, not the premier players in the NHL. Kane, so you were a standout in the playoffs this year, huh? Listen I was randomly on nhl.com the other day, and I didn’t see a picture of you raising the Cup. Oh, you scored some big time goals in the Vancouver series? You had a hatty against Detroit? Guess what, that’s old news, cut the shit and stop big-timing defensless cab drivers who are trying to make a living.  You are 20 years old and have an entire city awaiting your return this October, start acting like you care.

The most ironic part about Kane’s arrest is that only days earlier he pledged funds to the city of Buffalo to build a new ice arena. Also, Paul over at the Sports Bank made a good point regarding the EA Sports cover Kane was awarded this year. I’m sure EA Sports is having an awesome WTF moment in their Vancouver offices right now. Could this be the new curse? Sports Illustrated takes a look at the EA Sports NHL curse, is Kane next?

As of right now the Blackhawks are acknowledging the incident, however they are withholding comment until all of the facts are presented.

This type of stuff really disturbs me. I know not all of the details are out yet, but when someone is making millions of dollars and is trying to lead a team to the Stanley Cup, act like it. There are millions of people who could not even dream of being as lucky as you are, and to be put in your position. Grow up, you’ve thrown more punches off the ice than you  have on the ice.

Here is the text of the entire story.


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Early Sunday morning, South Buffalo native Patrick Kane, was arrested over an alleged dispute with a cab driver. Now, the cab driver is telling his side of the story to News 4.

Well in the cab driver’s words. Patrick Kane and his cousin went berserk once their cab ride came to an end in Buffalo at about 4:30 Sunday morning.

A cab driver says the cuts and bruises on his face are from National Hockey League star Patrick Kane and his 21-year-old cousin. Patrick Kane, who is only 20-years-old, plays for the Chicago Blackhawks.

J.R. said, “One guy pays and the other guy grabs me by the throat, Patrick Kane. Turned out to be a hockey player I don’t know who they are.”

The cab driver told News 4 people in the neighborhood heard the commotion and recognized the hockey player. The drama unfolded when Patrick Kane and his cousin James hailed J.R.’s cab on Chippewa Street at about 4:00 in the morning.

The two ended their ride on Eastwood Place in Buffalo and that is where the cab driver says the trouble began, and all over .20 cents.

The fare came to $13 dollars 80 cents. J.R. says the Kanes gave him $15 but he could only give them a dollar, “I didn’t have 20 cents to give change. I didn’t have the change.”

All of a sudden, according to J.R. and the police report he filed, “The one Kane is choking me the other one is punching me; ‘Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know who I am. You’re messing with the wrong people.’ I says I didn’t have the extra 20 cents to give them change.”

The cab driver accuses Patrick and James of taking the rest of his money and that’s not all.
J.R. said, “My glasses are busted, my shirt’s torn open.”

Patrick and James entered a not guilty plea in court. News 4 spotted them walking away once they left the courthouse. Patrick is wearing a blue baseball cap, a gray tee shirt and gray shorts. Their attorney made a brief statement.

As for the option to say anything else, their attorney said, “No, thank you.”

J.R. said, “This is it. I’ll let my lawyer talk about it later.”

Patrick Kane and his cousin are charged with robbery and criminal mischief. In a statement, the Chicago Blackhawks say it’s aware of the allegations and while it’s still collecting all the facts, the team stands behind Kane who is considered a team leader and a big part of the organization.


News 4 has learned that a young National Hockey League star from South Buffalo was arrested by police early Sunday morning.

According to a police report, 20-year-old forward for the Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane is accused of assaulting a cab driver. His cousin, 21-year-old James Kane is accused of the same crime. They have been charged with theft of services, criminal mischief and robbery in the second degree. 

The report alleges that both Patrick and James Kane took a cab from Chippewa to a home in the City and were charged $13.80. The cab driver claims they gave him $15 to pay the fare but he only had $1 and did not have another 20-cents to give back in change. According to the report, both Kanes grabbed the $15 then punched the cab driver in the face and head.

Buffalo Police Spokesman Mike DeGeorge says the cab driver appears to have suffered cuts to his face and his glasses were damaged.

An attorney told News 4 Kane entered a not guilty in City court Sunday morning.


Statement from the Chicago Blackhawks:

“We are aware of the allegations towards Patrick Kane. He is a big part of our organization and a team leader and we stand behind him. As we are still collecting all the facts, it would be premature to comment further at this time.”

2 Responses to “Patrick Kane Arrested For Chris Browning Buffalo Cab Driver”

  1. 1 brandon
    November 9, 2009 at 10:12 AM

    he makes millions and he cant even let the poor man have the $1.20. thats very unlike him

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