Top Hits of the 2008-2009 NHL Season

I’m going to go with the top hits of the ’08-’09 season because metaphorically that’s what the kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid’s going through today. Because I am getting RAILROADED with work right now…enjoy the video, I have not been able to watch it yet.

By the way, I was walking past Tresca last night on my way home from work, and outside they had pictures of local Bruins players, autographed, with a note like “Thanks for the great food, Milan Lucic”. I was thinking, if I ate at Tresca or Lucca or whatever, I wonder if they would post a picture of me sitting in my cube working, an action shot of course, with a little note. I think it would be pretty cool, my only concern is that someone would try and steal it to make a few bucks by selling it on eBay.

OK, I had a chance to watch the video, and I think I can align my day really well with hit #4 or #2. Here’s why, as for hit #4, here I am thinking I’m  making a pretty good play today, I put the puck on net (finish off some projects) and then BAAAAAAAAAAM, I get blindsided and my sh*t goes everywhere….as for hit #2, here I am going through my day going to make some moves, get the puck deep, yea I know I’m going to get rubbed out, but whatever. Next thing you know the GD turnbuckle shows its face and picking my chicklets up off the ice (translated to I’m trying to cruise out of here, under the radar, I’ll probably have some things to do, and then BOOM, I get my clock cleaned by some project I didn’t anticipate).

Anyway, these were the regular season highlites, so I would like to give some honorable mention to three hits in the playoffs that had me questioning how I would react to being bundled like some of these guys did. Without a doubt each one of these hits would have me acting like Umberger, but I wouldn’t just be picking up my stick, gloves and bucket. Instead I’d probably be collecting body parts, like my legs, teeth, eyeballs, and arms, which would be strewn about the ice. So, my three honorable mention hits of the year include:

RJ Umberger standing on the tracks while the train is coming through:

Martin Havlat counting sheep:

Here’s the slow motion version of the Havlat hit

Jiri Hulder hoping his medical insurance premiums are up to date:

If you have a hit that you think is worthy of the top ten, mention it or post the youtube clip in the comments section.

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