thekiiid’s Top 3 Games of the ’08-’09 Season

I wanted to do this after the Boston Bruins were knocked out, but I was unhappy, and lazy, so I’m going to do it now. I want to go over the top 3 games I attended this past season. I was able to see quite a few games this year, in a few different venues, so this is not limited to Bruins games alone, instead games I attended around the league.  So, before the announcement from the NHL this afternoon, here are my top three games of the season, feel free to post yours:


The third best game I saw this season is actually a tie. It’s a tie between the Redwings/Bruins game on November 29th and the Blackhawks/Bruins game on March 7th. I have these at a tie for a few reasons and on my top 3 games this season for another. First of all, in general, the reason these games are on my top three are because this is something the NHL needs to do on an annual basis. The NHL needs to renew the rivalries of the Original 6 teams. Although people say the Original 6 is no big deal and yada yada yada, it’s the heritage of the league. It’s a shame that teams in the Western Conference  only see Eastern Conference Original 6 matchups maybe a few times during the season, and vice-versa.

There was a rumor going around that the NHL was going to reserve a certain number Saturday’s this next season so Original 6 teams can play each other. I think the NHL should do just that, bring back the original “Hockey Night in Canada” that many older fans can relate to. In doing so, it will also create more interest for younger fans looking forward to these matchups.

On another level, the reason these two games were my favorite of the season is because they were both statement games for the Bruins. When the Redwings were in town, it was early in the year and the B’s were starting to go on a roll, not to mention trying to roundout an almost flawless November. The Garden was buzzing that night and the B’s put it to the Wings 4-1. Not to mention the Stanley Cup defending champion Red Wings with names like Zetterburg, Hossa, and Datsyuk firing away.

Fernandez Shuts Down HudlerAs for the Chicago Blackhawks/Bruins game, it was played in early March when Chicago was surging and the Bruins were coming off a loss to the Flyers, and a real tough loss against Phoenix. It was another statement game, not to mention it was Recchi’s second game in a B’s uniform. Boston was able to get back on its winning ways by shutting down the likes of Versteeg, Kane, Toews, and Sharp. Although Kane had an absolutely monster bomb to make things interesting.



The second best game I was able to see this year was easily the Dallas Stars taking on the Boston Bruins on November 1. There are a million reasons to absolutely love this game, there’s a good reason it wasn’t number one, which you’ll see shortly. Anyway, what’s better than having a Saturday night game with a couple of good friends in town? NOTHING! So lets start on the warm side of the glass to break this game down. I had some buddies come in from out of town for this one, so right off the bat you knew it was going to be a great night. And after the night we had for Halloween it’s amazing that we were up for boozing that night, but that’s what champions do. But, on to the action, this was the game that single handily brought the Bruins together and made them relevant again in Boston. This was nothing but an old fashioned hockey game that pleased the blue collar city of Boston. Hits and fights galore, all of which got the Bruins faithful behind their team. Not to mention after the fourth round of Bud Lights all children sitting in Loge 19 left with a free education of vocabulary they were not going to receive in grammar school the following Monday. After this game Boston went on a 12-1 run for the month of November to catapult them to the top of the Eastern Conference.  Treat yourself to this video in order to refresh your memory of this game, and tell me this wasn’t the turning point of the season:


So, the best game I was able to attend this year is hands down the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field, played on New Year’s Day. I don’t know if you were there, or are planning on going this year, but it’s something every hockey fan has to do. Furthermore, it’s something the NHL has to do on an annual basis. Lets start with the NHL first, I don’t care what ESPN has to say about the game (they think the game should be reserved for special occasions), it’s something that the fans demand, and it’s something to draw attention to the NHL. Give it to two rival teams and let them have it out, outdoors at an unorthodox venue. It’s also a chance for two teams to renew a rivalry, or continue one, in some throwback jerseys on a cold New Years Day.

From a personal standpoint it could not get any better. As a huge Blackhawks and Cubs fan, I had the nostalgia of Wrigley with my favorite pro team, the Blackhawks. Not to mention facing the team I hate the most, the Red Wings, in some disgustingly awesome throw-back jerseys. Plus the teams did not mess around, they were there to win and take 2 points from a division rival.

On top of that, I was sitting on the Wrigley Roofdecks with all the beer I could drink and food I could eat. I would also like to point out that the feeling around the stadium was electric. People were ecstatic to get this game underway, and when the two teams walked out of their respective dug outs, the place erupted, plus they had goal horn from the United Center blaring. Although Chicago ended up giving up the lead and losing, it was a game I’ll never forget, and cannot wait to do it again this year.

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