Fenway Park to host major NHL announcement tomorrow

I wonder what it could be?….
In what comes as no surprise, the NHL has reserved Fenway Park tomorrow for a major announcement. That announcement, of course, being that the Boston Bruins and Fenway Park will host the 2010 NHL Winter Classic. More from Fluto:

Fenway the stage for a Classic

The NHL will unveil the worst-kept secret Wednesday at Fenway Park, officially introducing the famed ballpark as the site of the 2010 Winter Classic. The Bruins will host Philadelphia Jan. 1 in the third Winter Classic.

The 2009 outdoor game took place at Wrigley Field between Chicago and Detroit. The inaugural Winter Classic was held in 2008, at Ralph Wilson Stadium between Buffalo and Pittsburgh.

Defending NCAA champion Boston University will play Boston College in an outdoor game as part of the Winter Classic. There is also discussion about making the Fenway rink available for open skates to the public.

A news conference will take place at 2 p.m. It will be simulcast on the NHL Network and streamed at www.nhl.com.

Needless to say, Loge 19 is extremely excited for this to happen. The anticipation for this announcement has been growing since the conclusion of the 2009 Winter Classic in Chicago and The Kiiiid began speculating about a game at Fenway. Honestly, I am a little disappointing that Montreal is not the opponent for the Bruins, but I can get over it. Although the NHL has made strides this year, they still have no leverage over the suits at NBC so they had to accept whatever opponent NBC thought would draw the most ratings. Bringing in the Flyers and their newest Broad Street Bully, Chris Pronger, will be more than enough to make this event special. Let’s just hope for some cold weather around Jan 1!!


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