Boston Loses Game 7; 3-2 in OT

Not much to say about tonight. Boston took it on the chin with a 3-2 OT loss. Ironically Walker with the OT goal. I really don’t want to go over the game right now, nor do I care, I wish the B’s had played better. But from what I did see, Boston had 35 shots blocked or miss the net. Among the entire team, Boston had THIRTY FIVE SHOTS BLOCKED OR MISS THE NET. In a Game 7 that goes to OT, give me 5 shots that hit the net, and I’ll show you a game that ends in regulation. And for a team to get 36 shots on goal for the entire game, that’s terrible. Not to mention that Boston had 4 PP chances to Carolina’s 2. But, I’m not going to dwell on this, I need to go to bed and sleep it off.

Either way, rest assured a few things. For one, don’t tune away from Loge19.com, we’re going to continue covering the NHL playoffs. Although give us the weekend, I don’t think much will be posted. Second, I’m looking forward to another Bruins season in a few months. Third, lets go Blackhawks, I think they may do it.

For those of you interested, Chicago will take on Detroit in probably the most epic series of the entire playoffs. Carolina will travel to Pittsburgh for the Eastern Conference championship, not to mention a pretty cool matchup of Eric and Jordan Staal. Could we see a Stanley Cup rematch from last season?

Personally, for thekiiiiiiiiiid, I’m in pretty deep right now. The good news, I have my bus ticket to NYC and I know the train route that will take me to Red Bank, NJ. From there, it’s honestly a crapshoot. I don’t know where I’m suppose to be or where I need to go. But whatever, I’m still getting over this loss. So for those of you who care, I have to catch a 6:30 Mega Bus to New York, I’m yet to pack. The bus drops me off 6 blocks from Penn Station where I need to be by 11:06 to catch the train to Red Bank. I get into NYC at 10:50 so I have about 16 minutes to catch my train….yikes, then the wedding starts at 4:30. If the Commish is willing, I’ll give him an update on my status, because a lot of people are interested to see if I’m going to make it to this wedding, from Boston, in 10 hours. It’s a reasonable amount of time, but if I’m able to make the bus at 6:30, everything from then on is up to chance.

GD, I’m not happy about tonight, so many chances that were passed up and I wished the B’s played a little more aggresive. That’s life though. I cannot wait for next season and what the B’s will bring. Hoping to see Krejci and Kessel back, along with a healthy Sturm and Ference. Chara and Thomas, hell of a job. Lucic, don’t change, Bitz, see you in September, PJ, well we all know you’ll be around. Savard, stay pretty, Ryder, until next year, Wideman, work on hitting the net, Ward, Stuart, Hnidy, Montador, work on your hands. To everyone else who I missed, get ready for a Cup run in T-minus 4 months.


I want to thanks Ted at Lucca for the drinks after the game, very nice of him and the restaurant is amazing. Thanks, Ted.

1 Response to “Boston Loses Game 7; 3-2 in OT”

  1. 1 Coach
    May 16, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    Heading out for a 1:30 tee time. Any takers?

    Yours Truly,
    The NY Rangers

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