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What about Hartford?????


You are going to have to get a magnifying glass out to see it but Hartford may be in the running for a possible return to the NHL  As a once, and long forgotten about, Hartford Whalers fan I have often dreamed about the day that Gary Bettman would wake up and bring The Whale back to CT. Although it doesn’t look like there will be any expansion in the near future for the NHL, according to league officials,  Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez is still putting in an effort towards the possibility . For the time being I can only sit at my desk and listen to the Brass Bonanza on repeat on my Ipod and remember the good’ol days of Francis, Dineen, Sanderson, Samuelson, Burke, Liut, Wesley, Malik, Pronger, Grimson, Sidorkiewicz, the list goes on and on.


roller coaster ride continues tuesday

This has been one of the longest and crazies playoffs series I have ever seen. It literally has it all, multiple suspension (Tortorella, Brashear, and maybe Morrisonn), multi-game suspensions (Brasher and again maybe Morrisonn), cheap shots (Brasher and Avery), great goals (Ovechkin), lack of security (Verizon Center), great goaltending (Lundqvist, Varlamov), poor goaltending (Lundqvist, Theodore), and lack of discipline (Avery, Bashear, Tortorella and Caps fans with great seats behind the Rangers bench).

If either one of the teams can deal with distractions it’s the Rangers. In the past year they have let Sean Avery go,only to sign him again. Let Brendan Shanahan go, only to see him sign with rival New Jersey. Fire their head and assistant coaches and hire one that throws water bottles at women. The list goes on and on…

Now it all comes down to the all important game seven. Continue reading ‘roller coaster ride continues tuesday’


Donald Brashear Suspended 6 Games

Donald Brashear

As suspected, Donald Brashear was suspended a total of 6 games, this penalty handed down at 3:45 today. Brashear was given one game for his altercation with Colton Orr prior to Game 6, and 5 games for his hit on Blair Betts. The suspension will last for the rest of the Capitals playoff appearance in 2009, and will extend into the ’09-’10 regular season, if needed. has more on the story.

Monday, 04.27.2009 / 3:45 PM / 2009 Playoffs Conference Quarterfinals
By Dan Rosen  – Staff Writer

ARLINGTON, Va. — Washington forward Donald Brashear has been suspended for six games by the National Hockey League and will miss Tuesday’s Game 7 of the Capitals’ Eastern Conference Quarterfinal round series against the New York Rangers (7 p.m. ET, VERSUS, TSN, RDS) for his action both prior to, and during, Sunday’s Game 6.

Brashear was suspended one game for initiating contact with Rangers forward Colton Orr during the pre-game warm-up. Brashear was suspended for five additional games for a blind-side hit on New York forward Blair Betts at 9:54 of the first period.

“Brashear delivered a shoulder hit to an unsuspecting player,” NHL Senior Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell said. “It is also my opinion that the hit was delivered late and targeted the head of his opponent, causing significant injury.” 

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Apparently the circus was in town yesterday afternoon at MSG instead of Game 6 of the Rangers / Capitals series. In between the second and third period Brendan Dubinksy of the New York Rangers received a Tetanus Shot from the Rangers training staff after he had been bitten by Shaone Morrisonn late in the second period. What made it worse was the fact that when he tried to show the mark to the officials he received a ten minute misconduct. This wasn’t the only blunder the zebra crew made throughout the game. They obviously didn’t have their glasses on when Donald Brashear closed lined Blair Betts with a flying elbow to the head breaking his orbital bone. Betts missed the rest of game 6 and will not dress in Tuesday night’s game 7. In the scrum following the hit, New York Ranger Paul Mara got a two minute penatly for roughing.

Now, Let me get this straight. Dubinksy gets bit and gets ten minutes in the sin bin with a Tetanus Shot and Betts gets his head taken off and Paul Mara gets two for roughing. Talk about an abortion. This must have been the same crew that missed Mike Komisarek’s eye gouge attempt at Matt Hunwick. If anything less comes out of this than what the league gave to Milan Lucic , Gary Bettman should be shot.


A Few Hits From Around The League


Henrik LundqvistIt appears Coach and Clarkdub have gone dormant the past few days, weird. I wonder why. Anyway, busy day in the office, therefore it’s going to be a slow day in the Loge. A few things from around the league:


Ovechkin’s Amazing Goal (Yes, Another)

I didn’t watch Game 5 of the Caps/Rangers game last night, but while I was at the Volvo Ocean Race today I heard Ovechkin had another ridiculous goal. This has to make, like, 15 highlight reel goals for the year. Right? The Capitals won 4-0 to tighten the Ranger’s series lead to 3-2. It’s going to be an amazing Game 6 on Sunday.

Some amazing games coming up tonight. The Penguins can finish of Philadelphia, Anaheim can send San Jose to the golf course, and the Blackhawks better take Calgary to the brink of elimination.


Amazing Adam Burish Story

Adam Burish at Wisconsin

I came across this story on The Third Man In and figured I would share it with you. It’s a pretty awesome story, reported by the Chicago Tribune, about Adam Burish surviving a pretty severe car accident and making it to the show. BTW, if anyone out there can introduce me to Adam, I’d appreciate it. Nothing better than an American born, blue collar workhorse playing in the show.

The Chicago Tribune and Melissa Isaacson have the entire story.

Adam Burish counts his blessings

He has the remnants of a shiner under his right eye, which is to the hockey player what mashed toes are to football linemen. No big deal. And even if it was painful, Adam Burish wouldn’t feel it.

He keeps a picture of the car to remind him. And he talks to his family about how, if not for the worst thing that ever happened to him, he wouldn’t be in the NHL. Surely, he would not be the player he is.

The car was totaled, the backseat –where he had been laying — gone. No backseat.

“I think about it all the time,” said the Blackhawks’ right wing. “When I’m driving, and I have to swerve around something like those grates on the side of the road that go ding, ding, ding to make you slow down, my heart kind of stops and then I start to think about it again, and how lucky I am.

“I should’ve been killed. I should be dead. No doubt about it. I don’t know how I didn’t die. We were driving a BMW 3-Series and the window, I couldn’t have crawled out of it if I tried, it was that small. How I got out of there, I have no idea.”

All Burish remembers is waking up in a cornfield, spitting up blood, unable to breathe,  his leg “going off to the side,” pain in his neck, blood everywhere.

He was 17, sleeping, unbelted in the backseat with his sister Nikki, 16, driving and his mother Helen dozing in the passenger’s seat. The three were traveling from Madison, Wis., to a hockey tournament in Minneapolis when, somewhere near Eau Claire, Nikki lost control and the car careened into a 10-foot ditch, rolling four times and throwing Burrish some 40 feet from the car.

“My mom had her seat reclined as far back as it would go, luckily,” said Burish. “Her side of the car was smashed like a straight line on top of her. If she hadn’t been reclining, she would have been gone. And my sister’s compartment was the only part of the car that was like a ball around her. It was unbelievable. They both kind of slithered out of the car and onto a stretcher [unharmed].”

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