King Henrik!


The New York Rangers stole another game from the Washington Capitals last night, actually let me start over.

Henrik Lundqvist stole another game from the Washington Capitals last night. The win gave New York a 3-1 advantage in the quarterfinal series. King Henrik was marvelous, stopping 38 or 39 shots in the victory. The Rangers, who boasted the best penalty kill in the regular season, were flawless last night killing off all six Capital power players (including a power player in the last five minutes, thanks to another stupid penalty by Sean Avery). Most importantly the Rangers have held Alex Ovechkin to just one goal in the entire series (the same Ovechkin that scored 56 goals in the not so important regular season).

Now, I don’t want to look ahead, but the Rangers are certainly in good shape heading into Friday’s match-up in Washington. And King Henrik has been standing on top of his head, see photo above! If the Rangers could pull off the victory, they will face the Bruins who certainly look sharp as well. However the Bruins have swept a far less superior Montreal Canadiens. The Florida Panthers would have been a much better opponent. Basically, what I am saying is that, yes the Bruins look good, but who wouldn’t look good against the injured, deflated, and non-playoff worthy Montreal Canadiens.

Again, I do not want to get ahead of myself, but like I have said before, I believe the Rangers match-up great against the Bruins and if King Henrik keeps playing great, the Rangers will defeat the Bruins. My one concern with the Rangers is the lack of goal scoring and that has been there problem for most of the season. But, the Caps scored only two fewer goals then the Bruins during the regular season so this may not be a concern at all.

4 Responses to “King Henrik!”

  1. 1 commissionerdangle
    April 23, 2009 at 5:09 PM


    Lot of talk coming from a team still toiling in the 1st round. I would focus on finishing off Washington on the road before even uttering the words ‘Boston Bruins’. However, if you do feel the need to talk about the Bruins let’s refer to them with their proper name, the EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPION BOSTON BRUINS.

    The fact that you are even mentioning the Rangers beating the bruins in the next round means that you are getting ahead of yourself.

    Plus with all this talk about King Henrik (who, I agree, has been playing unbelievable), you can’t forget about Mr. Tim Thomas. Look at the stats so far in the playoffs through 4 games:

    Goalie GP W L SO GA SA SV% GAA MIN
    The Tank 4 4 0 0 6 111 0.946 1.5 240
    The King 4 3 1 1 8 149 0.946 2 240

    UH-OH! I don’t see too much of a difference there. So the only reason you would beat the EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPION BOSTON BRUINS is because of an amazing goalie?…..BUT, that goalie has the exact same stats as Timmy the Tank?

    Something is off here….

    I hope the Rangers win. A B’s vs. Blue Shirts series would be amazing to watch. However, arguments about the Rangers taking down the Bruins before even getting out of the first round AND after a monster sweep of the Habs by the B’s need to have a little more substance.


  2. April 24, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    you said it commish. Im so sick of hearing the old “hot goalie” cliche when it comes to playoff hockey. The Rangers are one of two playoff teams that actually gave up more goals than they scored in the reg season. So gimme a break. you can make a pretty compelling argument that it is the caps horrendous goal tending that has been the difference in this series, not henrik’s stellar play. Clark you should focus on finishing off the Caps, and then you can start worrying about trying to score goals against the best defensive team in the NHL in rd 2. and when it comes to the “hot goalie” argument there hasnt been anyone in the league hotter than the tank for the past 6 months. Hopefully while the B’s are resting and letting some nicks heal, the rangers and caps will be beating the shit out of each other. Should be another layup victory for the B’s in rd 2.

  3. April 24, 2009 at 9:55 PM

    King Henrik was looking real good tonight dub. I hope this shit goes 7

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