The Bruins Need This One

So I’m having a pretty terrible start to my day/week. To begin, it took me forever to get into work today considering the subway was packed with Red Sox fans going to the game, and spectators for the marathon going to watch people exercise for 6 hours. I live 4 stops away from my office and it literally took me 35 minutes to get to work. I probably should have walked, but that’s my problem. Then, I get to work and crank away for about an hour, head to a meeting, come back to realize I have coffee all over the front of my shirt. That must have happened sometime on the way in, so it’s nice to know I’ve been walking around the city and office with Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla Coffee down the front of me. To add on to this day, I pretty much cannot leave the office because the marathon ends a block away from my building, so at about 1 o’clock there will be a sea of people, 20 deep, in front of the entrance. As for my walk home I know I can expect to see about 1,000 people walking around like zombies with shiny silver blankets wrapped around them.


But enough about me, because I’m not having the best day I’m going to throw this out there. Tonight is a MUST WIN for the Bruins. You’re probably thinking I’m nuts for throwing that out there, but it is. If the Canadiens lose the series, it’s a drop in the bucket for the tumultuous season they have had. Plus as an eight seed, they are expected to lose, even though Anaheim is doing OK for themselves right now. But, if the B’s don’t put the Habs down 3-0 tonight, they open the door for an upset.

Here is where the real importance comes in. Milan Lucic has been suspended for this game and Matt Hunwick is still recovering from having his spleen removed. That’s 2 impact players gone from tonight’s game, not to mention Andrew Ference is still out of the lineup for the Bruins (as of right now, I’ve heard rumor he may play tonight). Although there were rumblings about Andrei Markov coming back for the Canadiens tonight, it seems as though he was not present for the Montreal pre-game skate. It is also unclear who will start in net tonight for the Canadiens, Havlak or Price.


Back to my theory, tonight is a real test for the Bruins. After 3 consecutive home games in which the B’s have played Montreal, each game was intense, from a physical stand point. Tonight, the Bruins have to go into a very hostile Bell Centre (like how I spelled it all French-Canadian?) for game 3 of this series. It’s important for Boston to put both the Canadiens and their crowd out of the game early. A big hit, an early goal, a big save, whatever, just get it done. Even though the players that have been called up from the baby Bruins have done a nice job so far, it’s important to keep the intensity up. As of right now Bitzy-Cat will be taking Looch’s place tonight, so atleast we know there will be a physical presence in Milan’s void. It will be interesting to see how Julien mixes up the lines tonight (UPDATE: Here is the lineup for tonight). In any event, the Bruins cannot let the Habs climb back into this series, and therefore it is imperative that the Bruins leave Montreal with a series win or come back to Boston with a 3-1 series lead. With key players out, lets see who can step up and prove their worth in the show.


A couple other notes:


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